Blood Bowl - Patch (Legendary Edition) zum Download

Der Patch für die Legendary Edition des Strategiespiels Blood Bowl behebt unter anderem diverse Absturzfehler.

Der Entwickler Cyanide Studios hat den Patch für die Legendary Edition des Strategiespiels Blood Bowl veröffentlicht. Das Update beseitigt unter anderem diverse Absturzfehler und nimmt Änderungen bei den sogenannten »Private Leagues« vor. Im Anschluss finden Sie die vollständigen Patch-Notes.

Patch-Notes für Blood Bowl v2.0.1.1

- Private Leagues with "Open League" settings:
- It is now possible to create private leagues with settings similar to the current Open Leagues (Auld World, Naggaroth Open...).
- These new leagues can be found in the League Finder tool (Type of league: Public League, Manager: Community).
- It is possible to blacklist coaches when managing these leagues (Manage League, Teams, Blacklist).
- Require Application (Yes/No): If set to No, teams can take part in the league without submitting an Application.
- Only new teams (Yes/No): If set to Yes, only teams that haven't played a match can join the league.
- Different settings for Matchmaking and Challenge are available (Ranked/Unranked).
- Fixed a match lock up when trying to stand up a Vampire that failed his Blood Lust roll.
- Fixed an exploit allowing to Blitz with more than one player in a turn.
- Fixed a Turnover happening after catching the ball at Kick-Off.
- Fixed Stab always used with Stakes.
- Fixed an issue with players that cannot Blitz after some Kick-Off events.
- Fixed a crash on High Kick event when selecting a player not on the pitch.
- Fixed a crash on Touchback when selecting a player not on the pitch.
- Fixed Horns still active after a Block or Blitz.
- Fixed Shadowing and Tentacles being re-rolled when result is 0.
- Fixed Star Players losing skills when playing with an exported team.
- Fixed Blizzard allowing passes greater than Short Pass (player & AI).
- Fixed Piling On sometimes freezing the game when used with the ball or on the ball carrier.
- Fixed Leap where the player would roll for Leap multiple times.
- Fixed Diving Tackle asked on a Leap.
- Fixed the ball boucing twice at Kick-Off.
- Fixed Blood Lust rolled when throwing a Bomb.
- Fixed the timer of the Follow-up popup.
- Fixed Hand-Off working on Hypnotized player.
- Diving Tackle: Updated the popup to show the log.
- Diving Tackle: Will not be asked on an unmodified Dodge roll of 1 or 6.
- High Kick Event: The game will no longer put a random player at the ball destination on the timeout.
- Updated the Re-roll popup to display correct informations with Shadowing and potentially other skills (ie for Shadowing: "You got 6 and require 6" instead of "You got 6 and require 8").
- Added Tackle to the Optional Skills Block window.
- Blitz Mode: Sponsor now gives more cash at the end of the season (5 periods in Campaign) before players are paid.
- Blitz Mode: Fixed a bug in Campaign where players were paid at the end of a competition instead of at the end of the season (5 periods).

Größe: 40,6 MByte
Sprache: mehrsprachig

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