Civilization 5 - Patch 1.01.167 behebt Absturzehler

Der Patch 1.01.167 für das Strategiespiel Civilization 5 behebt unter anderem einige Absturzfehler.

von Andre Linken,
24.01.2011 13:41 Uhr

Der Entwickler Firaxis Games hat den Patch 1.01.167 für das Strategiespiel Civilization 5 veröffentlicht. Das Update steht nur via Steam zum Download bereit und beseitigt unter anderem einige Absturzfehler. Im Folgenden finden Sie die kompletten Patch-Notes mit sämtlichen Änderungen.

Patch-Notes für Civilization 5 v1.01.167

  • Dead interceptor crash fix (occurred frequently in late-game, usually on the AI turn)
  • Movement limit crash fix (occurred when any high-movement unit, a gunship in this case, made use of the railroad bonus and moved beyond the engine visualization limits)
  • Crash fix for diplo AI. When the player witnesses an AI leader buy a minor ally, and aggressively purchased them back, the game would eventually crash when the AI leader would correctly try to complain to you about it.
  • Crash - pCitizens->GetCityPlotFromIndex(iPlotLoop); is returning NULL in the CvPlayer::DoRevolt loop
  • Crash - Occasionally strange values are sent to the movement cursor code. Wrap and clamp the values before they get to the pathfinder.
  • Crash - Fix to divide by zero crash with AI buying plots.
  • Crash - In RouteValid, the CvTacticalAnalysisMap cell thinks a plot is claimed, but the plot itself has no owner.
  • Crash - Era out of bounds during a reload.
  • Crash - During a resync, a crash happens when GameplayUnitCreated calls CvPlot::GetActiveFogOfWarMode apparently because the game's ActiveTeam is NO_TEAM (-1).
  • Fix to Golden Age length (for Reformation policy with both the Persian trait and Chichen Itze)
  • Corrected duration of golden ages generated from Taj Mahal and when a Persian player has Chichen Itza (Before the multiple 50% additions were "compounded" rather than added together into a 100% bonus.)
  • Fix to blank science victory details screen


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