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Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion!

Welcome to the latest free content update for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar! Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion brings a wide array of changes to LOTRO, including the addition of Eregion, the continuation of the epic questline, and preparations for Moria! The team has also been hard at work adding even more player-requested features to the game!


* Eregion: Journey to where the Elven Rings were forged!
* Epic Quest: The epic quest continues with world events that open up the adventure to every player across all servers!
* Moria Prelude Quests: Aid the Fellowship of the Ring as they prepare to leave Rivendell and make their way toward Mordor.
* Dungeons: The loot dropped in all instances and raids is being upgraded, and bosses and mobs are being adjusted to make for even better play experiences! Now is the time to prepare for the dangers that dwell in Moria!
* Animation Improvements: LOTRO continues to polish the experience!
o Animations and sounds for each Minstrel skill using their equipped instrument (no longer just the Lute!)
o Monster play emote animations for Orc, Uruk, Spider and Warg
o New animations for 12 emotes – plus three new animated emotes!

Of Special Note:

* (Monster Play) New racial specific emotes for Monster Player characters are now available!
o Spiders now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, cheer, dance1, laugh, salute, no, yes, and talk.
o Wargs now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, dance1, laugh, rude, salute, scratch, no, yell, yes, and talk.
o Urukhai now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, charge, cheer, dance1, flex, laugh, pose, rude, salute, shrug, no, yes, and talk.
o Orcs now have animations for the following emotes: agree, bother, bow, calm, cheer, dance1, flex, laugh, pose, rude, salute, scratch, shrug, no, yes, and talk.

* New collection-based fishing deeds are here! Be sure to catch'em all!
* The Dressing Room UI now supports dye colour previewing! You can alter the colour of any visible equipment slot to preview how you will look once you've applied Dye items to your gear.
* New dyes for clothing available: Orange, Grey, Burgundy, and Turquoise!


* There is now an effect iconic representing the period of time that characters are in the recovering state after exiting a negative combat state.
* Auto-attack will be disabled automatically if you select a new opponent while in combat which is in a state that you might break, e.g. Loremaster's "Blinding Flash" or a Hunter trap.
* You will now see "INTERRUPTED" over the head of the target of any attack which interrupts a skill warm-up or channeled skill that is in progress.



* Targets of "Share the Fun" now have an effect icon on them. No gameplay change.
* The Damage over Time aspect of “Well Placed Strike” will now stack with other Burglars.
* “Find Footing” was erroneously removing all combat states, not just the listed ones: Daze, Stun and Knocked down. It now properly only removes, and can only be used during those states.
* “Find Footing” no longer removes Dread Stun.
* Caltrops slow effect now properly has the same duration as the bleed, 30 seconds. Tooltips have been updated.


* The Captain's Dwarf Heralds now run as fast as the other Herald types. We swear we didn’t do that one on purpose!
* The Captain's Rift armour set no longer suppresses bonuses from other items granting additional shadow mitigation, like Helegrod pots.
* The Frozen Commoner Herald Armament will now change the appearance of the Captain's Herald to a Lossoth Herald.
* The Captain trait “Defy Corruption” will now grant temporarily increased ability scores to any fellowship member revived by the Captain's “Escape from Darkness” skill.
* Captain Skill changes: “Pressing Attack” now will hit 2 targets in front of the Captain. “Devastating Blow” has a minor increase in damage. “Strength of Will” now has more appropriate animations and special effects. “Withdraw” visual effects will now play correctly. “Cutting Attack” now does somewhat less initial damage but the bleeding damage as been greatly increased. “Noble's Mark” has greatly increased in damage.
* Captains using their Rallying Horn will now actually blow a horn to summon their fellows.
* Fixed a problem with Pressing Attack dealing erroneously low damage on critical hits.
* Fixed the Captain’s banners following the player.
* Fixed the Captain companion skill "Lend Will."


* “Thrill of Danger” now properly counts monster players as valid targets.


* Hunters may now use Crossbows starting at Level 7!
* Hunters using “Scourging Blow” were removing all Barbed Arrow Bleeds on their targets. Now, a Hunter’s Scourging Blow will only interact with and remove the Barbed Arrow Bleed applied by that Hunter.
* Backgrounds added to bow chants’ effect icons.
* The tooltip for Endurance Stance has been updated to accurately reflect that it makes “Quick Shot” into a detaunt, not just a no-taunt skill. There has been no gameplay change.


* The Lore-master Beast-Lore deed has been updated to match the skill it needs to have used.


* The instrument you have in the ranged slot will now modify the look and sound of your skills based on what instrument is used.
* Minstrel Tale skills will again show how much they buff by when mousing over.

Monster Play

Diminishing Returns

* Root and daze effects will now share diminishing returns. This means that dazes and roots will be considered the same effect in terms of consecutive applications for diminishing returns. As an example: When a player dazes another player, then roots him, the root will be considered the second application in terms of diminishing returns.
* The new root/daze diminishing return duration progression for each application of root/daze is as follows:
o First application =50% of the root/daze's duration
o Second application =25% of the root/daze's duration
o Third and subsequent applications =5% of the root/daze's duration

* Diminishing return durations for stun effects have been reduced to address issues with crowd control in PvMP combat. The duration progression for each application of stun is as follows:
o First application =100% of the stun's duration
o Second application =50% of the stun's duration
o Third application =25% of the stun's duration
o Fourth and subsequent applications =1 second stun duration

* Diminishing return durations for fear effects have been reduced to address issues with crowd control in PvMP combat. The duration progression for each application of fear is as follows:
o First application =100% of the fear's duration
o Second application =50% of the fear's duration
o Third application =25% of the fear's duration
o Fourth and subsequent applications =1 second fear duration


* The Renown and Infamy meters now have tooltips that spell out your current progress in achieving the next available rank.
* In monster play, various instances of the word "Fellowship" for grouping should now be replaced with "Group."
* The output menu or filter menu for the chat window will no longer display Tribe as an option for players or Kinship as an option for monster players.
* Monster players will now see an appropriate stack icon in the vendor UI when they choose to buy items in stacks.
* The dressing room now uses your main inventory appearance while in the Ettenmoors.
* The group chat for Monster players is now labeled "Group" appropriately instead of "Fellowship." Also, Monster players can now use "/g" to talk in the group channel as well as "/f."
* Monster players can no longer get kinship titles when they are not supposed to.
* Icons for rank restricted items will now update usability state immediately upon your character reaching the appropriate rank.
* The three reward containers in Glan Vraig have been updated slightly to give out more money. The Second Chest of the Marshal will now reward around 25-silver. The First Chest of the Marshal will reward around 45-silver. Chest of the Glain Vraig will reward more than 200-silver.
* Tirith Raw now takes 20 seconds to flip sides after beating the boss. This should prevent a fringe case where Goldhead would maul freep guards. He will now complete his actions and disappear once the boss of Tirith Raw is defeated.
* The “Little Folk Harvesters” quest will now fail if the freeps lose control of the Lumber Yard.
* The Quartermaster will now sell a greater variety of health and power potions to Monster Players. The new potions are: Lesser Stinking Poultice, Refined Stinking Poultice, Pure Stinking Poultice, Lesser Bubbling Potion, Refined Bubbling Potion, and Pure Bubbling Potion.
* Orcs no longer speak when using maps.
* All appearance traits have been renamed. Additionally, appearance trait tooltips will include a detailed description of what the appearance for the monster player character will look like.
* Newly created monster player characters will now begin the game with a Crude Map to Gramsfoot. This map has a 60 minute cooldown.
* The Lainedhal's Insignias will now display an effect icon for the duration of the immunity when the item is used.
* The “Lost Fellowship” quest rewards will no longer share a cooldown with disease/wound/fear/poison potions.
* Fixed a bug where disarm was not properly disarming monster players.
* The main inventory's slot toggles will now be used instead of the selected outfit's toggles while in the Ettenmoors.
* Trolls and Rangers can no longer be revived.


* The root from the traited version of “Hindering Shot” will now obey diminishing returns.


* The Spider racial skill “Born of Shadow” will now do more damage to attackers when this skill is active.
* Spider skills will now be properly affected by the increased damage corruptions.
* The Spider Weaver's hatchlings should now behave more aggressively to targets near the Spider and to targets who have been attacked by the Spider. Please note that rooted targets will still be ignored by the hatchlings - this is a side effect of the aggressive pet stance used by all pet types.
* The Spider Weaver's “Snaring Web” (and traited version) will now have a 30 second duration.
* The Spider Weaver's “Poison Spray” skill has had its frontal arc increased from 90 degrees to 120 degrees.
* Fixed an issue where the slow effect from “Web the Earth” was improperly removed after an affected character left the webbed area. This duration-based slow will now be applied when a character enters the webbed area and will remove after the duration of the effect expires.
* The “Lie in Wait” skill for Spider Weavers has been updated. The skill will now apply an aura around the Spider that will root enemy players who trespass near the Spider's burrow. This root will continually apply (with diminishing returns) until the Spider comes out of the burrow.
* The debuffs from “Entangling Webs” and “Clinging Webs” can now both be applied on the same target.


* The Warleader's “Banner of Command” aura will no longer overwrite the Spider Weaver's “Born of Shadow” aura.
* The Warleader's skill "On Your Feet" will now revive Monster Players outside of the Warleader's group (if they are within range of the skill).


* Wargs will perform a howl when using the "mourn," "roar," and "yawn" emotes.
* The trait for “Piercing Attack” will now properly increase the damage-over-time portion of the skill.


* The Orc racial skill “Blood of Fire” will now do more damage to attackers when this skill is active.
* The Orc racial skill “Dying Rage” can now be triggered when the Orc reaches 25% health. Additionally, cooldown timers for some damage skills are reset.

Session Play

* Troll Session Play: The “Crush” skill can no longer be performed while moving.
* Ranger session play: The text on the Recovery of Tol Ascarnen deed has been made to be consistent with the others.
* Session play Troll Crushers and Rangers can no longer flip hot spots.



* All instances of "Misty Mountain Silver" have been renamed to "Ancient Silver." This includes ore deposits, jewellery items, crafting resources, Jeweller and Prospecting recipes. Ancient Silver can now be found in Forochel, Angmar and Sarnur.
* Top tier recipe scrolls can now have a chance of being found on level 44-47 monsters.
* Crafting quests have been updated to give more clear feedback on what to do once you've made the item.
* The craft item barter NPC will now exchange Dark Eyes for Blackened Spider Eyes.
* Suppliers now sell all five types of cloth and all five types of thread.
* Some reputation item crafting recipes were awarding slightly lower-than-expected crafting experience values. The following recipes now provide increased crafting experience:
o Cooking: Seasoned Beef with Cauliflower Recipe, Strawberry Dessert Wine Recipe, & Honey-roasted Chicken Recipe
o Jeweller: Dwarf-jewel Recipe, Dwarf-ring Recipe, & Dwarf-necklace Recipe
o Metalworking: Icon of Heroes Recipe
o Scholar: “Scholar's Writ” Recipe, “A Study of the Unknown” Recipe, & “Of Mysteries Most Profound” Recipe
o Tailor: Tapestry of Deeds Recipe

* Weaponsmith: Warden's Scepter Recipe Woodworker: Bree-spear Recipe
* When crafting, a visible effect will be played whenever the crafter has a critical success.
* The crafting panel will now show the accurate crit chance percentages for the total crit chance and for the bonuses gained from trophy items.
* The craft UI no longer opens fully expanded. You can still use the "expand all" button to quickly open all recipes.
* Updated the Exceptional Boiled Hides so their worth is now slightly higher than that of unboiled Exceptional Hides.
* Optional crafting ingredients now stack to 20.
* Crafting: In the “Strong of Arm and Sharp of Mind” quest, the NPC's directions will point you behind him rather than across the street.


* Reduced the cost to produce many cooking goods by re-working required ingredients for many cooking recipes. Additionally, crafting experience rewards for many cooking recipes have been increased.
* The optional ingredient used by the Apprentice Cooking recipe, "Campfire Materials" has been changed from "Dirty Shrew Claw" to "Torn Claw."
* Corrected required ingredients for the Artisan Cooking Recipe, "Golden Mullet Chowder." This recipe now requires a "Large Bottle of Milk," which can be purchased from any expert cooking vendor.
* The Master Cooking recipes, "Flounder with Bacon," "Baked Flounder," and "Flounder Fillet" were incorrectly listed in the Crafting UI panel as "Trail Food" recipes. This has been fixed so these recipes will now correctly display under the "Cooked Food" recipe category.


* New farming recipes are available from Novice and Expert farmhands! Farmers now have new crop options to add some variety to their harvest yields. All of the new farming field recipes have the potential to produce rare ingredients useful to Scholars in the production of new dyes, and wall paints for player housing!


* The Master Jeweller recipe “Polished Beryl” previously required two beryl gems. This recipe now requires one beryl gem.
* Jewellery scroll cases no longer give out Lore-master amulet recipes.


* Critical success crafted Burglar tools are now known as Implements. There is no gameplay change.
* Master Metalsmith tool recipes (total of eighteen recipes) have been re-added to levels 47-50 treasure profiles.


* Updates to Prospecting recipes. Note that refining recipes have had their craft experience rewards reduced to compensate for this change.
o Smelting recipes: All smelting recipes now consistently require 2 pieces of ore to make 1 ingot.
o Refining recipes: All refining recipes now require either a) 1 ingot & coal, or b) 1 ingot & 1 ingot.

* Corrected grammatical issue for all variations of "Prospector's Tools." Game messages referring to these tools (such as when the durability is low) should now use proper grammar.


* New Scholar reputation recipes are available from the Elves of Rivendell reward vendor! These recipes allow Scholars to use knowledge gained from ancient texts like the Torn Scholar's Journal to produce multiple Essence of Athelas and Celebrant Salve potions.
o Advanced Refined Essence Recipe
o Advanced Refined Salve Recipe
o Advanced Pure Essence Recipe
o Advanced Pure Salve Recipe

* More new Scholar reputation recipes are available from the Elves of Rivendell reward vendor! These recipes allow scholars to create master-level Improved Battle Lore / Improved Warding lore scrolls.
o Improved Battle Lore Recipe
o Improved Warding Lore Recipe
o Single-use recipes for the Scholar profession are now available in loot! These recipes allows Scholars to make "Crafting Journals" for the following professions: Jeweller, Metalworker, Tailor, Weaponsmith, and Woodworker. The journals can be used as optional ingredients in single-use recipes for the five professions, allowing crafters to gain a significant increase in the critical chance for these recipes.

* New dye and wall paint recipes have arrived! Scholars should keep an eye out for ten new dye and wall paint recipes that can now be found in treasure.
* Reduced the coin value of the following items: Fire-oil, Refined Fire-oil, Light-oil, Refined Light-oil.


* Changed display names of Bree-land style medium footwear items to "shoes." Also changed the icons for these items to use a 'shoes' icon (instead of the 'boots' icon).
* Corrected the names of two Journeyman Tailoring recipes: Linen Cloak Recipe (was previously called "Fine Linen Cloak Recipe") Linen Robe Recipe (was previously called "Fine Linen Robe Recipe")
* Slightly increased stats for the Journeyman Tailoring light armour items, "Pliant Linen Robe" and "Pliant Linen Cloak."


* 1-handed and 2-handed club recipes have arrived for Woodworking! Recipes for all tiers, including those that are auto-granted, sold by vendors, or found in treasure are now available.
* Rebalanced the quantities of treated wood used for many Woodworking recipes. In general, woodworking component and weapon recipes should now require less treated wood than previously.
* Updated the descriptions for both the "Repair Anvil" and the "Superior Repair Anvil" to include duration (5 minutes).
* Replaced the "woodchopping" animation with a new "hide tanning" animation for all of the Forester profession's treated hide recipes.


* The "50-pound Salmon" is now Bind on Acquire.
* Fixed plural display names for: Perch, Perfect Perch, Dace, Delightful Dace
* Added "This fish can be used in Cooking." to the descriptions of the following fish: Dace, Catfish, Perch, Golden Mullet, Flounder, Largemouth Bass
* Fixed a typo in the description of "Three-Spined Stickleback"
* Corrected problems with plural names (i.e., two or more items stacked) for some types of Salmon.
* Crafted fishing poles were previously not set to "Bind on Equip." This has now been fixed, and all crafted fishing poles will now bind to the player upon equipping.
* Rare fish (the type that can be bartered to the fishing taxidermist for trophies) were incorrectly displaying a value even though they could not be sold to vendors. This has been fixed and now rare fish will no longer display a value on their tooltips.
* Fixed issue with bait using the wrong effect icon on use. Using bait will now properly use the "bait" effect icon.
* Fishing Poles now hide when using the Map Home.
* You can no longer perform inappropriate tasks while fishing, such as mapping home.
* You can no longer turn while fishing.
* The meter on the hobby panel will now reliably turn yellow when you've reached your daily fishing quota.
* Fishing will cap on the first day after 10 skill-ups (at a skill of 11) instead of allowing 11 skill-ups the first day.


* The Outfitter is now selling new outfits for crafters. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone, so go check them out!
* All dye colours can now appear on all clothing randomly appearing in loot (regardless of level and item quality).
* Some older cloaks that were not dyeable can now be dyed.
* The “End of the Matter” reward fireworks now have a fireworks icon. No more hunger-inducing bacon icon, or accidentally trying to eat your incendiaries!
* Updated many of the high level boss loot tables to drop incomparable items more often.
* "Wooden Keg" housing decoration is no longer bound.
* The following Forochel trophies are no longer bind on acquire: Tundra Bear Trophy, Winter-tusk Trophy, Frost-antler Head Trophy, Sabretooth Trophy, Winter-worm Trophy, and Wolverine Trophy.
* Removed the unused crafting items "Ruined Soldier's Record" and "Elf-captain's Notes" from treasure.
* Fixed spelling/grammar issues with "Torahammas' Cloak," "Torahammas' Cloak Recipe," and "Tuft of Torahammas' Fur."
* Reduced the number of common equipment items dropping from sentient monsters (ie: Brigands, goblins, orcs, etc). They now drop trophy items which are stackable. Also increased the chance of these types of monsters to drop potions and other consumable items.
* Some cosmetic items were renamed to reflect their hobbit origin.

The following items have increased or additional enchantments. In some cases a non-combat Morale regeneration was exchanged for another bonus, such as one that increases a Stat. A few of these items had Virtue Rank requirements which have been lowered*.

* Urugarth Items:
o "Heronhathol"
o "Brogechor"
o "Starkbog"
o "Free-cutter"
o "Orc-bane"
o "Lucflad"
o "Stannafl"
o "Long-bite"
o "Highwayman Leggings"
o "Fearless Helm"
o "Orc-skewer"
o "Glass Cuff"
o "Grundbog"

* Carn-Dum Items:
* "Ragebrand"
* "Núraw"
* "Baidhril"
* "Auger"
* "Gangalengi"
* "Carn Dum Breastplate"

# Barad Galarun (Witch King's Retreat):

* "Afraig's Amulet"
* "Forvengwath's Band"
* "Forvengwath's Fragment"
* "Gloom Shank"
* "Earring of Certitude"
* "Basher of the Nameless"
* "Soft Cap of Ambition"
* "Helm of the Iron-home"
* "Castellan's Robe"

# Annúminas Items (Note: The changes to the Annúminas Sets are described elsewhere):

* "Mirhigil"
* "Wall of Annúminas"
* "Golden Spear-head"
* "Feredilloch"
* "Doranc"
* "Silver-strand Necklace"
* "Mighty Mace"
* "Arastan"
* "Armband of Giants" *
* "Edge of Valar"
* "Amdirolf" * now requires Valour 5 (was Innocence)
* "Spear of the Bloodless" *
* "Belecham" *

# Helegrod Items:

* "Mithranc"
* "Stoutwall"
* "Breath-ender"
* "Robes of Ithilnath"
* "Oakenthorn"
* "Luchereg"
* "Stalker's Boots"
* "Necklace of the Worm"

# Rift:

* "Hammer-mark Cloak"
* "Defender's Cloak"
* "Golden Globe"
* "Lash Fragment"
* "Edhelharlos"
* "Wanir-men"

# The icon for the Deft Gauntlets you create in “The Thickest of Skins, Part II” will now look like Deft Gauntlets
# Big Bag of Marbles has a new icon.
# Fixed an issue where some food and drink items were incorrectly allowed to be used while in combat. All consumable foods and drinks are now disallowed in combat. This change affects all alcoholic beverages, vendor-bought rations, quest foods (like Farmer Maggot Mushrooms), all festival foods and drinks, and Forochel-related foods and drinks.


* Corrected issues with Elrond's Exquisite Cloak and Elrond's Radiant Cloak - both of these items should now have the proper icons.
* The Minstrel set chest piece "Wandering Bard's Robe" was using an incorrect icon. This item is now correctly using a robe icon.
* "Calenglad's Shield" has been adjusted in scale so it no longer clips into the avatar's hand.
* The Anùminas armour sets have been given a fairly substantial upgrade. Light and Medium Annúminas sets now have an optional item that can be used to complete the set.
* All of the Annúminas sets are now Bind-On-Acquire and Unique.
* Annúminas Armour Set Upgrade: 1% Incoming Healing on the Heavy Gauntlets has been replaced with +15 Vitality.
* The Thrill-seeker's Armour set had a typo for the 6th bonus: There is no Burglar skill named "Cunning Strike". The bonus is applied to the Cunning Attack skill.
* Shoulders of Gondolin have been renamed to resolve a naming conflict. The shoulders have also seen a slight increase in power.
* "Bronweringor" has been updated by removing the poison resistance and adding vitality.
* "Stórskold" had been changed: Out of combat power regen has been replaced with an in-combat power regen.
* "Wig-feld" is now bind on acquire.


* "Orc-bane" has been updated to use the correct two-handed artwork.
* The staff "Noris" has been updated to allow critical heals on your pet.
* The halberd "Steadfast" has been updated by fixing its description and adding additional enchantments to it.
* "Torchathol" has been upgraded. An in-combat power-regen has been added to the item's usage skill.
* Will and Agility on Saellang have been reduced as they were originally set too high for a single-handed weapon.


* Chicken play: As soon as you become a chicken we now reveal the exploration deeds to you. This means those deeds have been versioned. If you are midway on one when Book 14 goes live you will have to restart the quest.
* The Forochel Angmarim-Slayer deed was rewarding the player with the same title as the Helegrod Angmarim Emblem collection quest. The Forochel title has been renamed from Enemy of Angmar to Angmar's Bane.
* Snowbeasts in Sarnur will now count towards the Master of Beasts deed in Ered-Luin.

User Interface

* When dyeing currently equipped clothing, the avatar image in the character journal is now immediately updated.
* Dyes will no longer display a pattern type in their tooltip if they use the "Default" pattern.
* More items should update their usability state correctly when in a quickslot.
* The scrollbar for Barter NPCs should be reset each time they are used.
* Using quickslots for items that exist in multiple inventory stacks is now more reliable. The quickslot should continue to function when the first stack is consumed.
* Fixed a bug which was preventing armor drops and common quality quest rewards from having random dye colors applied to them.
* The tool-tip information on bows has been updated to better reflect the function of the +1 Critical-hit bonus - as this applies only to ranged auto-attacks. The function has not changed, but the tool-tip text has been clarified.
* The “Are you sure?” prompt when you click to dismount your horse will now ask if you are sure you want to dismount, rather than abandon.
* The Braziers in Fornost now show a hand usage icon instead of a door.
* Target of selection vitals update properly with color now.
* There are new progress bars while riding a mount and while playing music.
* Fixed some quests that were not showing comment rings correctly.
* The raid filter on the quest journal now works correctly.
* Clicking on the ring on the quest tracker to open the quest journal to the correct quest now always expands the journal to show the selected quest.
* Repeatable quests can now be shared with someone who has already completed the quest, as long as they would otherwise be able to pick up the quest again from the NPC. The fellowship Shared Quest filter will now filter out quests that your fellows don't have.
* The Titles tab in the character journal can no longer be accessed by session players since they cannot gain titles.
* The right-click context menu on the social UI now disappears when you select a different player or tab.
* The UI scaling of your fellowship and raid group 1's vitals are now restored properly when you join a group.
* The little green checkmark indicating that your fellow is ready to turn in a quest should appear more reliably.
* Crafting Nodes now clearly state their specific Craft Proficiency Requirements.


* Camp-site map notes will now be displayed correctly when looking at maps.
* Green map-note icons for your fellowship will now display on maps, even if the fog-of-war hasn't been lifted.
* Ost Alagos now has a POI mapnote.
* Tom Bombadil's House, if already discovered, will now be displayed when viewing the 'Old Forest' map

Chat UI

* You can now Ctrl+right-click on many of the item icons in the game to create an item link in your chat window instead of dragging them to the text entry field. This includes item icons in the Auction house, crafting panel, quest rewards, vendors / barter NPCs, and so on. You can also re-map this command, "Item Link To Chat", in the Key Mapping section of the Options Panel.
* The "Death" chat filter has been renamed to the "Combat Event" chat filter.
* Added a new option to enable notification of when someone nearby breaks the rooted, dazed or feared state of an opponent by attacking or damaging them. You will find this option in the Combat Options tab of the Options panel. The notices are displayed under the "Combat Event" chat filter.
* The chat channel strings for the "Looking for Fellowship" chat channels have been updated to read "LFF". "/LFF" is still the command to speak to these channels.


* Added 3 more looting options: Roll/Pass with Free For All, Need/Greed with Free For All, and Master Looter with Free For All. If the item is below the current threshold, any person in the group can pick it up. If the item is at or above the threshold then the Loot Policy will be in effect for the item (Roll/Pass, Need/Greed, Master Looter). In addition, for all landscape chests the first player to open the chest will always be able to loot the items below the threshold. All items at or above the threshold will follow the normal Loot Policy.
* When you have someone targeted and they enter your fellowship, their floaty name and the name above the target vitals UI will change colors appropriately.
* When you are too far away to do a fellowship manoeuvre contribution it will now be clear on the UI that you cannot use that contribution as is.
* You are now informed that a player is not ready to be invited into a fellowship if they are in a loading state.
* Talking in the "Raid" channel using "/ra" will now automatically switch the default output channel of your active chat tab to "Raid".
* Players will now see the effect status of all members of a Raid.
* Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing companion effects from applying to the correct group when the master changed Fellowships within a Raid.
* The Join button on the Open Fellowship UI is now grayed out if you're the group leader. The default sort is now indicated by the appropriate sort arrow when the Open Fellowship UI is first opened.
* Players will now see the effect status of all members of a Raid.

Reputation System

* The 5 Thorin's Hall reputation "Dwarf-make" weapons have had their stats and required level increased to be more in line with the challenge level of that faction.
* Faction names will now be displayed on the appropriate NPCs and will change colour depending on your current standing with that faction.
* Items that require specific reputation levels will now update their overlays when your reputation levels change (e.g. - when you become able to use the items, they will not keep the red outline around them).
* You now get a more accurate error message when you try to barter a reputation item that you have not unlocked via a reputation quest.
* Increasing your standing within a specific faction should result in immediate quest ring updates with every tier acquired.
* The vendor Rusu's title is now "Lossoth Supplier" to indicate she is involved with Reputation items.
* Rep Vendor Duthi in Thorin’s Hall will no longer turn towards you when you speak to him.
* Reputation horses and ponies can now be exchanged if you select the wrong one.
* The reputation vendors in Forochel have had the word "Lossoth" added to their titles.
* The gatekeepers for Urugarth and Carn Dûm will now increase faction with the Council of the North.


* Hobbit-themed kinship officers are no longer leaders, they are now Voluntary Assistant Chiefs.


* If you try to use an item that needs to be in a housing hook to work without putting it in a hook, you will now get an appropriate error message.
* The housing "For Sale" signs will now use the vendor mouse icon when you mouse over them.
* The housing For Sale UI will now always display the coin costs for all coin types.
* Added a new music jukebox for player housing.
* Housing Hooks will now be brighter when they are selected so you can more easily tell which hook you have selected.


* Fixed an issue with companions returning to their master when mez is broken.
* Smoothed out Companion following.
* Fixed a bug that was preventing companion effects from applying to the correct group when the master changed Fellowships within a Raid.


* We’ve added three new emotes and added animations to a few existing emotes!
o Burp
o Charge
o Chuckle – new!
o Clap
o Congratulate
o Fidget
o Hail – new!
o Poke
o Shiver
o Slap
o Think
o Whippitydo – new!!
o Wince
o Yawn
o Ahem


* Fixed various terrain seams, floaty objects, and pathing problems in Forochel, Angmar, Sarnur, and the North Downs.
* Apparently the Angmarims got the wrong idea about catching swordfish. They have therefore decided to eschew their weapons in favor of fishing poles and pickaxes while attempting to ice-fish in Forochel's Ice Bay area.
* Changed Forochel's defeat dread to coincide with similar high level zones.
* Fixed the hunter campfire in the North Downs near Rhunenlad to properly appear on the minimap.
* Goblin-town: Made a door you couldn't get to not useable.
* In Bree-town, Dob Sandheaver and Seward Proudfoot have been moved slightly so their ring mapnotes won't hide behind the one for the milestone.
* The female Enforcer in Ost Forod now displays she is with the Free People.
* The Icereave Mines are now a bit more solo-friendly; we removed a few patrollers, broke up some of the pulls, and spread them out a bit more.
* Fixed a stuck location in the Thrang encounter in the Rift.
* Fixed various pathing issues in Angmar
* Rona in Aughire will now speak to you differently if you have completed Tasgall's quest arc.
* There are no longer two Ilmas in Forochel, and Mirja has returned.
* Decreased the amount of time you need to stand near a Campfire to dispel Forochel cold effects.
* Doubled the duration of the "Warding Warmth" buff players receive from steam vents in Forochel.

Town Services

* Myrkworth now has a provisions vendor.
* Rudbessian in Tinnudir is now a provisioner.

Auction House

* You can now drag items from your inventory into the "Item Name" field of the "Auctions" tab on the Auction UI to populate it with the name of that item.
* We've added a barter auction category for finding auctionable barter items.


* DX10 Distant Landscape Lighting has been disabled. It will return in a future update.
* The guard in Nellie Boskin's house in Trestlebridge is no longer giving himself an appendectomy.
* Fixed incorrect icon issues for "Elven Prospector's Pack," "Fine Woodcutter's Pack," and "Finely Stitched Backpack."
* Fixed a bug that was causing crafted staff weapons to be wielded incorrectly in combat. Staff combat animations when wielding only a staff should appear correctly now.
* Melee weapons will now properly hide when a character uses throwing axes.
* Horses and Ponies now have walking animations.
* The hobbit near a campfire in Waymeet no longer slides around.
* Book 9, Chapter 5 - The Rangers will use the correct combination of weapons and animations.
* Dwarf Miners in Forochel who are mining are holding pickaxes now.
* Fixed a Guard NPC in Archet whose feet were sliding.
* In the Helegrod Treasury, the Angmarin High Priests will stop playing fx when they die.
* In Book 3 Chapter 4, Dori no longer uses a shield while tied up.
* The Goblin Cauldrons in the Misty Mountains will no longer use the "door" usage action symbol.
* Several Annúminas Dúnedain will no longer be impaling themselves on their shields.
* Fixed a sledder in Forochel who wouldn't stay on his sled.
* Barter NPCs in Irolen’s Camp now have blue portrait borders.
* Hunter's Strong Traps will now have visual effect on monsters that they trap.
* The Captain skill “To Arms” now has more appropriate FX
* Corrected visual effects when Lore-masters with Staff and Sword cast any Sign of Power.
* Lore-master skills “Light of the Rising Dawn” and “Cracked Earth” - Fixed a rare error that left a book stuck in the Lore-master's hand when the skill failed to execute completely.
* The icon for the “Key to the Gates of Carn Dum” will now look like a key.
* Galiana Squib will no longer turn to face you when you speak to her.


* The Rare War Mammoth of Forochel, Torahammas, should now be spawning correctly.
* Aurochs in Forochel will now deal frost damage.
* The rare yetis in Forochel are now elites
* Angmarim in Forochel are no longer fishing with swords and crossbows.
* Feoc in Forochel will now respawn at the standard quest monster landscape speed.
* Silvan Thirty-Point has a more reasonable respawn rate.
* Brynchan the Bald in Evendim is no longer right next to a guard's patrol route.
* Elite Angmarin Lookouts in Annúminas have been renamed to “Elder Angmarin Lookout” to avoid confusion with their Signature brethren.
* Brynchan the Bald in Evendim is no longer right next to a guard's patrol route.
* Oghuk the Hooligan in Goblin-town will no longer be holding a bomb while locked up. We can all sleep a little easier now (and so can he).
* In Carn Dúm, Gurthul will always start his fight with his drama.
* Goblin-town: The sleeping goblin who was using a burning pot for a pillow has been given mercy. He will no longer hold the pot while sleeping.
* Fixed a monster in the Great Goblin’s Den who wouldn't do anything.
* Certain Elites managed to sneak into the Angmar landscape spawns, but they are now appropriately Normals.
* Threatening animals woken from sleep will no longer fall back asleep before attacking.
* All creatures that "threaten to attack" will once again paw the ground, roar or make other various threatening moves when players approach.
* Angmarim snipers have given in to peer pressure and have stopped wearing their Forochel jammies.
* The Oleif twins have resolved their dual identity crisis by having their leatherworking member take on a new name, "Fielo." Now when one gets in trouble, the other feels pain! (points for spotting the reference) (extra points for a youtube sample) kgo
* In the interest of peace and mammoth-hood, all mammoths will cast aside their anti-social ways and unite under a banner of fur and friendship. The Straight Dope: Mammoths will now respond to calls for help from fellow mammoths.
* *conversation overheard at Powerthirst corporate headquarters*
"Hey, Max Power, great work on the Carn Dum account!"
'Thanks, Mr. Steele.'
"Please, call me Trent. But you've got to tell me: how'd you do it? I mean 50,000 cases every month is unheard of!"
'I think I was just in the right place at the right time. I was about to leave the Castle of the Witch King when I happened to bump into a gentleman named Târlug. He had just finished one of his workouts and seemed real low on Power, so I gave him a few dozen sample cans of Powerthirst. Needless to say, once he tasted the GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF POWER he was hooked.'
The Straight Dope: Carn Dum: Tarlug's skills now use less power.
* The Wolf Totems of the Gauredain now have significantly fewer hitpoints.
* Barrow-candles' auras no longer affect monsters. (Known Issue: Player pets will also not be affected.)
* The Angmarim Lookouts in Annúminas will now pursue players if they are out of range.


* "Hey man, how was your weekend?"
'Not good dude, not good.'
"Why's that?"
'I drank waaaay too much triple strength brandy...'
"Where did you get triple strength brandy?!"
'A friend of mine threw a party and brought his Inn League Keg.'
"Sounds like a great party then! What happened?"
'Wish I could remember, but I blacked out and ended up... well, I really have no idea how I got there, but I think my butt has frostbite.'
The Straight Dope: New location added to the Inn League Keg!
* Resolved a client hang involving chat window cursor movement near item text tags.
* Fixed the '/reclaim' command timer so it will count down while the player is logged out. All outstanding '/reclaim' timers have also been reset as part of this fix.
* Fixed a rare issue that could cause a rented mount to be player-controllable, but would also prevent dismounting.
* The Usage distance on the Guaradan traps in Forchel has been increased.


* The height requirement for the summer festival horse race has been lowered to allow dwarves and hobbits to complete this quest.
* Many raid quests will now display as raids in the Quest Journal .
* Fixed a typo in the quest log text for Book 12, Chapter 7.
* The “Save Arifael” quest is now under the TrollShaws region, and will show as needing a raid group.
* The Tarnished Bracelet quest arc has been reworked. It now goes: The Tarnished Bracelet, My Heart's Hope, End the Nightmare. If you find Dirdre in the field you may rescue her; however, successfully doing so will not allow you to take The Tarnished Bracelet or My Heart's Hope quests, as you have completed the arc.
* In the “Worm-hides” quest, we’ve updated the text to indicate flame-worm hides, not fire-worm hides.
* In the “Claws of the Earth” quest, the text has been updated to indicate the items come from Blade-beak Ravagers and not Hill-claws.
* The quests “A Fistful of Flowers” can now be cancelled.
* The quest items from “Threat from the South” will now delete upon finishing the quest.
* The “In the Dark Clefts” description has been updated to include the directions the questgiver states.
* The coal lumps for the “Beacon in the Snow” quest have had their icon updated.
* The quest objective in “The Raven” now states to "Find and rescue Cenlieg's raven," and the quest now displays billboard text identifying when the raven is safe. Also, the Raven is now not aggressive.
* In “Heritage Restored,” the skull will now display correctly while being carried.
* “Old Forest Investigation” no longer recommends you need a group.
* If you got “A Villain Unveiled” while it was shareable, it will now tell you to get the sword if you need to, rather than just telling you to talk to Eimyr.
* The reset mechanics for the drake and arena fight in Urugarth have been tightened.
* The “Root of the Problem” quest now contains more guidance as to where to find Ringdagnir.
* The “Threat from the South” weapons will now delete from your inventory when you finish the quest. In order to do this, this quest has been versioned; if you had the quest underway when Book 14 went live, you’ll need to speak to the bestower again.
* The “Cat-Tusk Scrimshaw” quest now has completing "Ice at the Water's Edge" as a bestowal requirement.
* The “A New Shield” quest has had its directions cleaned up.
* In “Resupplying the Beacon,” the induction will now state Placing instead of Picking Up.
* In Carn Dúm, Erscin will now disappear once he has been escorted to safety.
* Book 13: Chap 3: “Favour of Strength:” The quest now directs you to the southeast instead of the south.
* Billboard messages in “Rank and File” update as you replace the banners.
* In “Bounty of the Sea,” fish are now present at areas you can fish for in this quest.
* “Keeping the Norsu Pure” has had its directions made more accurate.
* The Dwarf Housing Deco Vendor has been renamed from Dusi to Rambi. The dwarf housing decoration quest has been updated to reference the new name.
* The “New Shield” quest has billboards for picking up the items now.
* In “Under Attack,” the induction while using the Broken Supplies is now “Examining” and the quest directions have been cleaned up.
* Each slave in Carn Dúm may only be saved by 1 person.
* In “The Choicest Cut,” the Cut of Meat will no longer disappear until you have completed the quest. In order to accomplish this, this quest has been versioned. If you had it underway when Book 14 went live you will need to speak to the bestower again.
* The chest you need to use in “Treasures From the Fields” will now glow.
* Book 5 Chapter 3: The cornerstone will glow. This required the quest to be versioned, so if you had it underway when Book 14 went live you’ll need to start it again.
* In “Driving the Beasts Out,” the totem can now only be used in the proximity of the required warg.
* “ Midwinter's Thaw” now has text that updates you when the invitation has been delivered.
* War-Master Uzorr’s plans won't disappear when used. This required the quest to be versioned. If you had it underway when Book 14 went live, speak to the bestower again to restart it.
* Niko will have comments for you while you are on his quests.
* In “Candac's Obligation,” using a pile of pottery shards won't make it disappear for everyone. This required the quest to be versioned. If you had it underway when Book 14 went live, speak to the bestower again to restart it.
* The following quests have been changed to use external inventory items, meaning when one person uses the object, it will not disappear for everyone. This has required these quests to be versioned, so if you had one underway when Book 14 went live, please speak to the bestower again.
o The Sundered Shield
o Cloak of the Black Rider
o The Quarry In Scary
o The Fate of Prunella Boffin

* The 3 items used in the final boss fight in Barad Gúlaran now have unique color coded icons.
* Several quests have been updated to indicate Bilbo's room is on the first floor, not the third.
* Helegrod Corcur Talismans will now work like all other quest items.
* The Vector quest to the Rift will now advance while you are in a raid.
* Players no longer need to retrieve the ring Narchuil when completing Handarod's version of the quest “Weapons of the Enemy – Redux.”
* The Ironbound Giant in the “Cauldron of Death” quest will now reset properly after he is killed.
* “The Matron and the Master” is no longer restricted to solo players, and the instance can now be completed as part of a Fellowship.
* The description for “A Secret Club” had a stringtable error when you went to choose it from the Reflecting Pool. Now it doesn't!
* The quest “There and Back Again” in Evendim was giving you an incorrect quest item, but now it'll give you the correct one.
* Directions to the spiders for the level 45 Class Quests have been cleaned up.
* The Prologue for “Volume II: The Mines of Moria” is now available! Speak to Barbethnir in front of the House of Elrond to help the Fellowship prepare to embark on their errand of secrecy.
* The amount of time allotted for the player to carry the hive in “Long Live the Queen” has been doubled.
* Removed the quest prerequisites for the Bree Horse and Bree Pony Exchange quests.
* The quest for Valuable Heartwood is now a daily repeatable quest.
* In “The Hungry Bear Friend,” the quest now has an extra objective which allows the meat to stay until you return to the bestower. This required the quest to be versioned, so if you had it underway when Book 14 went live, you’ll need to speak to the bestower to start over.
* Snagabash has decided he was running way over quota on his ruined elf blade distribution, so he has cut his carrying quantity in half.
* The Large Stone monuments needed for the “Purification of Death” will now glow when you need to use them.
* We have updated the guidance text in "Book 9 - Chapter 3: Journey to Esteldín" to make finding the "Knight of Mordirith" easier.
* Foul Idols will stop spewing stuff upon being burned.
* Consignment: Uncommon Ore: This quest is no longer shareable
* Rathulf is no longer grumpy and will speak with players.
* Helegrod monsters have ceased killing each other for barter items, and will now drop their own barter items instead of each other’s.
* We have fixed a bug in the "Impure Waters" quests that was considered the pool in the entrance courtyard as a valid location to use the vial. After this change, you will now have to use the vial in the 3 pools after the entrance courtyard.
* In “The Path of Aeril” the hot spring in the final room now acts like all other hot springs.
* To prevent players swapping members in and out of their fellowship to complete various instance quests, all of the items needed by the quests below will be despawned 5 minutes after the boss of the instance is defeated.
o Impure Waters
o Keep It from the Enemy
o End Dolvaethor's Menace
o New Home for the Relics of Old

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