Europa Universalis: Rome - Patch 2.32 mit KI-Verbesserungen veröffentlicht

Der Patch 2.32 für die Gold-Edition des Strategiespiels Europa Universalis: Rome verbessert unter anderem die KI.

von Andre Linken,
28.12.2010 14:42 Uhr

Der Entwickler Paradox Interactive hat jetzt den Patch 2.32 für die Gold-Edition des Strategiespiels Europa Universalis: Rome veröffentlicht. Das Update nimmt unter anderem einige Verbesserungen an der KI vor und beseitigt einen Absturzfehler. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie wie gewohnt unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Europa Universalis: Rome v2.32

- AI Army agents are now properly ended and deleted, not just flagged inactive
- AI Army: Fixed a bug with armies with inland bases not returning from overseas
- AI Army: Fixed a transportation deadlock issue
- AI Invasion: Some stubborn invasion fixes
- Fixed a problem with units getting stuck in neutral territory after a war
- Unemployed characters in monarchies are now much less likely to want to become rulers
- Added an ambition to become Censor for republican characters
- Fixed a glitch with moving the trade route creation window and the diplomatic action selection window
- Ptolemy I Soter is now properly dead at game start
- Fixed a missing string glitch in alerts for disloyal governors and generals
- Commanding mercenary regiments no longers gives a loyalty bonus
- Mercenaries are now twice as expensive to maintain, but reinforce at a slow pace (exported to defines as _MDEF_MERCENARY_REINFORCE_MULT_)
- Removed some citation marks from the bookmark descriptions
- Removed the extra colon for morale in the regiment tooltips
- The alert for no active omen no longer mentions the populist faction in non-republics
- Fixed some problems with the ESC key
- The ransom prisoner action now works again
- Fixed a crash in the ledger
- Corrected the Credits text location

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