Star Wars: The Old Republic - Aktuelle Patch-Notes der Version 1.2 liegen vor

Der Entwickler BioWare hat jetzt eine neue Version des Updates 1.2 auf die Testserver von Star Wars: The Old Republic installiert. Passend dazu liegen die aktuellen Patch-Notes vor.

von Andre Linken,
05.04.2012 16:08 Uhr

Die Patch-Notes 1.2 für Star Wars: The Old Republic sind da.Die Patch-Notes 1.2 für Star Wars: The Old Republic sind da.

Das Team von BioWare hat kurz vor dem verlängerten Wochenende eine aktuelle Version des Updates 1.2 auf die Server von Star Wars: The Old Republic installiert. Passend dazu stehen auch die aktualisierten Patch-Notes bereit, die wir Ihnen natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollen. Unter anderem wurde die Anzahl der täglichen PvP-Belohnungen auf 99 erhöht, Änderungen bei diversen Flashpoints beziehungsweise Operations vorgenommen und einiges mehr. Unterhalb dieser Meldung finden die vollständigen Patch-Notes.

Vorläufige Patch-Notes für Star Wars: The Old Republic v1.2


  • Lost Island: Corrected an issue that caused Hybrid Rakghoul Brutes and Gunners to respawn during this Flashpoint.
  • The False Emperor: Removed an invisible barrier that could prevent completion of this Flashpoint.

Operation »Explosive Conflict«

  • Toth uses his Area of Effect Smash less frequently.
  • Toth is no longer invulnerable during his berserk phase
  • An issue that could cause Zorn to execute Baradium Heave at an incorrect target has been addressed.
  • The Stormcaller Blast tank can no longer be taunted while it is activating Double Destruction.
  • Corrected an animation issue affecting Kephess Walkers.
  • Kephess' Area of Effect ability is now shown in the correct place for all Operation Group members.


  • Localized versions of Legacy emotes now work correctly.


  • Daily and weekly PvP missions now reward 99 Warzone Commendations.
  • The PvP matchmaking system for Ranked Warzones now searches for a longer period of time before matching a large queued group of players with a smaller one.


  • GTN searches now take the level range entered by the player into account when searching "Usable By" (instead of automatically searching for a +5/-5 level range).

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue that could cause players to get stuck in a falling state on some terrain.
  • Character eyes no longer appear to be pink if Character Texture Atlasing is set to the "High" option.
  • Desktop resolution is now restored correctly when the game is exited if its fullscreen mode resolution differs from the desktop resolution.
  • Added an appropriate error message for a guild issue that may occur under extremely rare circumstances.
  • Some minor mapnote, cinematic, text, and art issues have been corrected.

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