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Das erste Update für Take On Helicopters bringt die Hubschrauber-Simulation gleich auf Version 1.02 und trägt den Namen »Alki«. Verbessert werden unter anderem die Kampagnen-Finanzen und Einzelszenarien.

von Christian Fritz Schneider,
08.11.2011 16:19 Uhr

Kurz nach dem Release von Take On Helicopters hatte der Entwickler Bohemia Interactive bereits die ersten Patches für die Hubschrauber-Simulation angekündigt. Das erste Update ist inzwischen verfügbar, trägt den Namen »Alki« und bringt das Spiel auf die Version 1.02. Die Datei steht zum Download auf GameStar.de bereit.

Der Patch verbessert unter anderem die Finanzen in der Kampagne und überarbeitet Szenarien und Aufträge. Außerdem wird beispielsweise die Hubschrauber-Inspektion verbessert und an der Engine gearbeitet, wovon auch die Grafik an einigen Punkten profitiert. Ansonsten wurden noch einige Balance-Änderungen vorgenommen. Alle Details lesen Sie im Folgenden.

Patch-Notes zu Take On Helicopters v1.02

* Career finances tuned
* Helicopter inspection improved
* Scenarios / contracts tweaked


* IGUI: speed vector now shows more accurately where the helicopter is headed
* Precise actions on objects were not correctly detected at all angles
* Shadows on alpha planes handled better (e.g. helipads)
* Ambient road traffic loading optimized
* Water surfaces at high altitudes would sometimes be completely white
* Crash opportunity fixed in Picture-in-Picture
* AI is no longer able to fly with a damaged main rotor
* Fixed interpolation of visual states (rockets firing from rotor).

* Inspection points and animations tuned for all helicopters
* Certain helicopter variants are now prevented from spawning in ambient systems in Seattle
* Heavy: hand was covering gunner view at some angles
* Heavy: pilot was sunk in his seat slightly
* Heavy: Engine and nose hatches now animate
* Manager skin pigmentation tuned
* Player skinning on his jacket and neck tuned
* Seattle: ambient road definition tuned
* Shadow on the helipads is drawn correctly
* Heliport: tasks and actions were not added after completing the Career
* Heliport: reward after completing the Career: $300000
* Heliport: Partridge visited one contract too soon
* Heliport: tasks and actions were available while fading to / from black
* Heliport: Partridge did not have the correct character identity
* Heliport: saving / resuming disabled
* Heliport: player was not able to sell any helicopter
* Heliport: after inspecting a component on an undamaged helicopter, the maintenance report would no longer show the helicopter status correctly
* Heliport: after inspecting a component with several inspection points, they were updated in sequence instead of at once
* Heliport: Coast Guard Medium livery added
* Heliport: missing line breaks in maintenance reports
* Time Trials: path markers added
* Time Trials: problem with disappearing waypoint indicators corrected
* Time Trials: broken color code format in overviews
* Training: last conversation was often cut off by the scenario ending
* Training: Voice-Over for "I'll give you control in 5..4..3..2..1" added that plays when countdown is displayed
* Training: Voice-Over added for "I'll take back the control of the helicopter
* Training: pausing at the end of any stage removed. Now the player passes control back to instructor
* Training: narrative outro plays correctly when mission ends (from Career)
* Training: disabled buttons in info pages were not working correctly
* Slingload PiP help is now displayed only when near cargo
* Generic contract rewards increased
* Helicopter damage was not stored correctly between contracts
* BIS_fnc_isLocalized function no longer shows RPT error
* "Again" button was not working in intro pause menu
* Career 02: system marker was visible
* Career 08: Heliport outro needed one sentence to be removed
* Career 08: Radio filter removed from Heliport conversations
* Career 08: Jumping container
* Career 10: Player can no longer get in helicopter as co-pilot
* Career 10: Get in waypoint was not placed on helicopter
* Memory 03: Player was flying incorrect helicopter type
* Memory 03: Cpt. Pierce sometimes died before saying his last sentence
* Memory 03: Cpt. Pierce sometimes got out of helicopter after landing
* Corporations 01: Space Needle torch was duplicate after load
* Corporations 01: Fuel station disabled
* MP 01: All contestants now properly end the mission, rather than the last one to finish the race
* MP 01: Position notification upon completing a lap corrected
* MP 01: Spectating no longer shows finished or disqualified contestants
* MP 01: Stats display improved
* MP 02: JIP handling improved
* MP 02: Evacuees will get into all helicopters, not just the hosts
* MP 02: Evacuees can be rescued on foot now
* MP 02: Winching disabled until made MP compatible
* MP 02: Team-tracking markers added to map
* MP 02: New/improved parameters
* MP 03: Cargo handling improved
* MP 03: AA-threat spawning improved
* MP 03: Briefing improved

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Sprache: Englisch

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