Trapped Dead - Patch zum Download

Mithilfe des Patches für das Echtzeit-Taktikspiel Trapped Dead verbessert der Entwickler Crenetic unter anderem die KI.

von Andre Linken,
28.02.2011 12:03 Uhr

Das Team von Crenetic hat den Patch für das Echtzeit-Taktikspiel Trapped Deadveröffentlicht. Das Update nimmt unter anderem Änderungen bei der KI vor, verbessert die Wegfindung und beseitigt diverse Fehler. Auch den Multiplayer-Bereich haben die Entwickler etwas überarbeitet. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Trapped Dead v1.0.7.1

  • several text and layout adjustments
  • item pop-up text is now removed when the item is picked up
  • adjusted walkable areas in Weapon Shop and Shooting Range level
  • fixed mouse trapped inside an area that is smaller than the current window
  • fixed crash during fights when weapon was destroyed (e.g. grenades)
  • fixed a bug that an attack loop was repeated over and over again
  • changed some movement parameters for quicker turning and pathfinding around corners
  • stamina change due to movement or melee fight is now unique for every character
  • several balancing issues addressed
  • fixed input bug where fast clicking interrupted a started attack
  • ranged weapon cursor will now fade out if target is out of range
  • fixed bug where you can't interrupt the current movement by attacking something
  • increased attack speed of some zombies
  • fixed AI pathfinding states after attack
  • fixed AI sensor update intervals and location detection
  • fixed crash in AI sensor array update
  • 'Ready' button in bunker is now enabled as soon as a character is selected by the client
  • fixed item synchronization in bunker when a client has already selected some items and a new client joins
  • new messages about network state
  • increased pushback to zombies because of disabled ragdoll
  • fixed crash in explosive scene objects handling (barrels)
  • player name can now be chosen in Host or Join Menu
    special handling for multiplayer mission events where party setup differs from storyline
    fixed "locked" characters in bunker
    Refactored fight system for multiplayer matches to avoid double hits on client
    fixed AI's dead target handling, not all references to player were removed

Größe: 2,8 MByte
Sprache: Deutsch

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