Worms Reloaded - Neuer Patch behebt Crash-Bugs

Der jüngste Patch zum Strategiespiel behebt unter anderem einige Crash-Bugs.

von Andre Linken,
14.10.2010 13:02 Uhr

Via Steam steht ab sofort ein weiterer Patch für das Strategiespiel Worms Reloaded zum Download bereit. Das Update von Entwickler Team 17 behebt unter anderem diverse Crash-Bugs im Online-Modus und beseitigt einige kleinere Fehler. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie wie gewohnt im unteren Teil dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Worms Reloaded

  • Prevented the user from entering blank or space filled names in the Intro Wizard
  • Prevented the player from selecting with the function keys while they are falling. This was the cause of an exploit which meant selecting the girder in mid air would stop a worm from falling
  • Fixed an issue which caused worms to continuously jump if pause menu was opened while jump button was pressed
  • Fixed a number of online crashes and made extra stability fixes throughout the game
  • Changed the player invite screen for Private Games. It now uses a paged list rather than a scrolling list and colours to more closely match those used by the Steam client
  • Fixed a crash which occurred if more than four players tried to join an online multiplayer lobby simultaneously
  • Additional improvements to the ready lights
  • Added file validation check on first run of new versions to ensure that no files are corrupted due to a faulty update download

Worms Reloaded - Screenshots ansehen


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