Call to Arms - Beta-Test bringt endlich Story-Kampagne

Der Entwickler DigitalMindSoft hat jetzt die Beta-Version des Strategiespiels Call to Arms veröffentlicht. Darin sind unter anderem die ersten fünf Missionen der Story-Kampagne enthalten. Außerdem gibt es neue Screenshots zu sehen.

von Andre Linken,
17.02.2016 11:07 Uhr

Call to Arms - Screenshots ansehen

Das Team von DigitalMindSoft hat jetzt den Beta-Patch für das Weltkriegs-Strategiespiel Call to Arms veröffentlicht. Das besagte Update steht ab sofort via Steam Early Access zum Download bereit.

Die wohl wichtigste Neuerung in der Beta-Version dürfte wohl die Freischaltung von fünf Missionen der Story-Kampagne sein, die den Spielern bisher noch verschlossen blieb. Wer sich bereits die »Digital Deluxe Edition« von Call to Arms gekauft hat, erhält noch eine zusätzliche Mission.

Des Weiteren hat das Team mit dem Update zusätzliche Musikstücke eingeführt, die Grafik überarbeitet sowie zahlreiche Bugs beseitigt. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung. Außerdem haben wir unsere Online-Galerie auf mit neuen Screenshots von Call to Arms aus der Beta bestückt. Darauf sind unter anderem Szenen aus den Missionen der Story-Kampagne zu sehen.

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Ein konkreter Release-Termin für die finale Version von Call to Arms steht allerdings noch immer nicht fest.

Patch-Notes für Call to Arms v0.801.0 (Beta)

• Added first 5 singleplayer missions to regular edition
• Added new mission to deluxe edition
• Added unlimited range damage to small arms
• Added new music
• Added new civilian car
• Added new FX
• Added several new buildings
• Added new skybox
• Added new squad icons
• Added new sky textures
• Added new environment map textures
• Added new water (ocean simulation will be added later)
• Added new tank crosshairs
• Added mission preview images and other GUI elements
• Added new players list in session screen
• Added auto join slots in session screen
• Added grass draw distance is now controlled through the level_of_detail.set
• Added direct control zoom factor appiled for grass clip distance
• Added support for image resize on loading to surface
• Added resupply non ammo items to tanks depending on .def file
• Added better support for multiple machine guns for vehicles
• Added 3rd person compass
• Added tank view for car, armored_car and tank
• Added damaged parts to tank view
• Added pulsing damaged part on repair
• Added sky color, intencity and azimuth environment paramters; removed outdated paramters
• Added support for PNG textures
• Added friendly fire hitmarker
• Added sky texture quality application
• Added DoF now also blurs the scene, when entering pause menu in-game
• Added "level down" button to land polygon tool
• Added a reflection factor for water planes
• Added Steam startup parameters support for new ui
• Added invite option to chat lobby friends
• Added timeouts for session connection dialog
• Added {autopause} flag for particle view
• Added a button to the editor to reset all unit inventories
• Added disabled parameter to control.reg to disable third person control for vehicles, humans or overall
• Added ESC and mouse button 4 for leaving pages and to close game
• Added new 3rd person DOF
• Added minimap creation code
• Changed the traceFreq from a [0;1] float value to an integer value
• Changed disable veterancy marker above infantry on 3rd person.
• Changed map dialog in session screen
• Changed 2D texture for sky
• Changed APCs to be able to re-supply tanks and other vehicles
• Changed auto-cannons to use health damage modifier to balance them
• Increased range of AT rocket launchers by 5m
• Increased crew load of Humvee from 3 to 5
• Increased resources in Last Man Standing
• Increased max payback if player has no troops
• Reduced damage of M4A1 ACOG from 185 HP to 175 HP
• Reduced damage of FAL from 185 to 175 HP
• Reduced damage of small arms closer than 50% of their range
• Reworked ATGM set-up
• Reworked LOD settings
• Reworked environments
• Removed unit lock restriction for ranked games
• Removed microphone icon for AI players
• Removed XP on kill message
• Fixed many vehicle issues
• Fixed several object issues
• Fixed several mission issues
• Fixed flickering when changing banner in singleplayer menu
• Fixed missing game settings in singleplayer menu
• Fixed allow friends to join protected games
• Fixed status dialog background blink
• Fixed change rnd seed after session restart
• Fixed bots are listed in session chat
• Fixed playing more than 32 unique music files per game launch
• Fixed unnesessary memory copying and tag creation
• Fixed skin not reset in some situations
• Fixed confirmation when leaving session
• Fixed disable unit commands during scenarios
• Fixed rendering of ground in water reflection when the haze is on
• Fixed view distance after changing settings
• Fixed render text with opacity
• Fixed talk dialoges are now removed when you access the menu
• Fixed incorrect 'default' window size
• Fixed bot users not removed from clients in evacuation mode
• Fixed flag counters to Armored Warfare
• Fixed AT rocket launcher far shooting exploit
• Fixed crash on aimer update after skeleton change
• Fixed crash on multiplayer startup
• Fixed crash on occlusion detector release
• Fixed crash on join session
• Fixed crash when WM_SIZE received before options initialized

Call to Arms - Technik-Trailer zeigt Feuergefechte 1:00 Call to Arms - Technik-Trailer zeigt Feuergefechte

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