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Seite 2: CoD: Black Ops 4 - Nerf für nervige 9-Bang und Splittergranaten, Buffs für Scorestreaks

Patch Notes (Balance-Patch am 24. Oktober)

Patch Notes via Reddit.


  • Black Market: Resolved an issue where the incorrect animation played after a match in which the player did not rank up.
  • Miscellaneous: General stability improvements across Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.


  • Scorestreaks: Increased Thresher fire rate and projectile speed. Increased Sniper's Nest fire rate and duration.
  • Gear: Slightly reduced Acoustic Sensor detection range.
  • Maps: Fixed an exploit on Morocco where the player could end up under the map.
  • Create-a-Class: Resolved an issue where Reactive Camos were not appearing correctly in Create-a-Class. Updated unlock requirement text for the MX9 Reactive Camo.
  • Miscellaneous: Long playlist names now display properly on the Multiplayer menu.


  • Equipment: Reduced inventory stack size for 9-Bang and Cluster Grenade from 2 to 1. Increased charge time for 9-Bang. Increased fuse time before detonation for 9-Bang.
  • Perks: Reduced Dead Silence duration to 120 seconds to match Awareness.
  • Miscellaneous: Resolved an issue where Multiplayer Custom Games were not working properly after leaving a Blackout match and opening a custom Multiplayer lobby.

The Beenox team has also made the following updates specific to PC:

  • Zombies: Resolved an issue that caused the neon numbers in Blood of the Dead to disappear when Model Quality was set to Low.
  • Blackout: Resolved an issue that enabled players to start with 200 Health if a Trauma Kit was used as a Blackout match was starting.

We're also currently tracking the following recent topics to address in future updates:

  • Prestige Custom Classes: We're aware that Custom Class 8 and beyond are currently not functioning properly for players who have reached Prestige 2 or higher, and we're working to fix this in an upcoming update.
  • MP Challenge Bugs: We've seen reports of a handful of Multiplayer Challenges that aren't tracking progress properly. We're investigating and will resolve this in a future update.
  • Zombies Stability: While the team has tracked down and fixed the majority of crashes in Zombies since launch, we know there are still some particularly tricky ones still out there and we're dedicated to squashing the rest of them soon. Keep an eye on our bulleted notes with each game update, as "stability improvements across all modes" often includes various crash fixes in Zombies. Thanks for your patience while we continue to nail these down.

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