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  • Added crash fixes related to ray tracing on next-gen consoles.
  • General stability improvements.


  • Addressed an issue where Prestige Levels and Prestige Icons could display inaccurately in lobby menus.
  • Addressed an issue where the Prestige 1 icon could display in place of the Commander rank icon in the After Action Report.


  • Addressed multiple issues for breadcrumbs appearing incorrectly throughout lobby menus.
  • Addressed an issue where the reward animation could sometimes appear corrupted in the After Action Report.



  • Motherland MoshpitTDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint on Moscow and Crossroads Strike.Hardcore Motherland Moshpit also available in Quick Play (TDM, Domination, Kill Confirmed).Available Dec. 8 until the launch of Season One.


  • CamosAddressed an issue where Mastery camos were not progressing properly for some players, despite being earned.Reduced the number of kills without dying from 3 to 2 for launcher and M79 camo Challenges.

Game Modes

  • HardpointCheckmateAdjusted spawns for zones 1, 3, and 4.Resolved an issue where the Hardpoint could be captured behind a crate on zone 4.GarrisonZone 1 adjusted to provide more balanced cover for both teams.Adjusted spawns for zones 2 and 3.Crossroads StrikeAdjusted spawns for all Hardpoint zones.Moved zone 4 to the adjacent tents to provide more opportunities for the attacking team.MoscowRemoved spawns near back statue for zone 3.
  • ControlMoscowAdjusted attacker spawns to reduce travel time to objectives.Additional attacker spawns added closer to mid-map when B has been captured.MiamiAdjusted attacker spawns to reduce travel time to objectives.CheckmateAdjusted attacker spawns to reduce travel time to objectives.
  • Fireteam: Dirty Bomb GameplayReduced spawn protection time to reduce frequency of protection nullifying explosives (e.g. War Machine) for extended periods of time.Addressed an issue where players could collide when redeploying from a Squad Wipe.Addressed an issue where players could land on each other and die if they waited until they were auto-deployed during Infil. Addressed an issue where players could get stuck by mantling in certain spots on Alpine.Addressed an issue where Containers could spawn inside objects.ScorestreaksReduced spawn rates of the Gunship, Chopper Gunner, and VTOL Escort.Addressed an issue where the Cruise Missile HUD effects could be seen in the Redeploy menu.VehiclesAddressed an issue where the Hind could exit the playable space in Alpine.HUDAddressed an issue where dust and threat perception effects could display on the overhead camera.Party InvitesAddressed an issue with Party invites in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb.
  • Combined ArmsAdjusted the interact radius on mounted turrets to be easier to get onto.
  • Custom GamesAdded options in Custom Games Scorestreaks settings for Score Reset On Death and Scorestreak Death Penalty, allowing players to set the percentage of score lost on death from 0% (Disabled) to 100% (all score lost on death).
  • Round-Based ModesAddressed an issue where players could be kicked for inactivity while spectating in round-based modes.


  • VisualsAdded polish to visual kickback when hip-firing weapons.
  • Hauer 77Addressed an animation issue with the Hauer 77 when firing the last shot while aiming down sights.
  • LaunchersAddressed an issue where launchers could lock onto Stationary Turrets in Combined Arms.
  • OpticsAddressed an issue that could prevent thermal scopes from showing a thermal overlay when riding a vehicle.


  • Care PackageCare Package explosion will no longer damage teammates in Hardcore.Addressed an issue that could cause the Care Package to go through the roof in Checkmate.
  • Combat BowAddressed an issue where the Tactical Mask icon would incorrectly display when damaging enemies with the Combat Bow.
  • Cruise MissileAddressed an issue where damaging a Cruise Missile would not display a hit marker.
  • VTOL EscortAddressed an issue with the VTOL Escort camera when it would be destroyed from going out of bounds.
  • Chopper GunnerThe Chopper Gunner will now follow its correct shorter path on Crossroads Strike instead of its wider path from Combined Arms.


  • CrossroadsParachutes can now be activated where applicable in all modes in Crossroads.Added a unique 6v6 intermission camera on Crossroads Strike.
  • ArmadaParachutes can now be activated where applicable in all modes in Armada.
  • GarrisonAddressed an issue where one of the explosive barrels would never detonate in Garrison.

Field Upgrades

  • Trophy SystemThe Trophy System will now destroy incoming Trophy Systems.Addressed an issue where the Trophy System occasionally would not destroy incoming projectiles.Addressed an issue where shooting your own Trophy System could show enemy infantry hit markers.
  • Assault PackThe Assault Pack will now be destroyed if an enemy uses it.
  • Field MicAddressed an issue where a player could earn double score events if two Field Mics were overlapping.


  • GeneralAdded a new Helicopter Aiming Mode option.Addressed an issue where the camera could clip through the player's head when switching from driver to passenger while aiming down sights in a vehicle.Addressed an issue where players could spawn with corrupted animations if they squad-spawned onto a Dirt Bike as a passenger.


  • StabilityFixed a rare crash that could occur when a player was dismembered by an explosive.
  • Finishing MovesGeneral clean-up and bug fixes for Finishing Moves.Addressed an issue where performing Finishing Moves on enemies while being downed would not count toward the Stone Operator unlock challenge.
  • GesturesAdded voiceover to first-person Gestures.
  • Mouse and KeyboardAddressed an issue when Jump and Mantle were bound to the Mouse Wheel.Addressed an issue with mouse navigation in Theater.Addressed an issue with mic status icon not displaying properly in the Party tab.Addressed an issue with Voice Chat Volume setting functionality.Improved mouse rotation controls for Weapon Inspect.
  • AudioAddressed an issue where a character's exert audio for a weapon melee could be delayed.
  • MiscellaneousAddressed an issue where players were not immediately killed when being downed while in water.



  • ProgressionAddressed an issue causing progress on the Trapper Challenge to get stuck at 255.Addressed an issue that caused incorrect Mastery camo progression information to display.Addressed an issue where incorrect Prestige Icons could display in Zombies menus.Addressed an issue that sometimes caused the player's primary weapon camo to appear on a Knife equipped as a secondary weapon.
  • Combat RecordAddressed an issue with incorrect Engagement Range data for some weapons for Zombies.Killing Blows will now register properly for Zombies in Combat Record.Elite Eliminations will now register properly for Zombies in Combat Record.
  • UIAddressed issues with text overlapping or extending outside the panel in the Intel menus.Addressed issues with 3D models not properly orienting in Intel menus.Addressed an issue where additional Create-a-Class slots were not appearing in the Zombies lobby on PlayStation platforms.

Die Maschine

  • StabilityAdded various stability fixes.
  • IntelAdded new Season One Intel to discover in "Die Maschine".
  • GameplayClosed various exploit areas.Addressed an issue that sometimes caused zombies to get stuck inside a spawn location.Addressed an issue that caused zombies to incorrectly use their ranged attack in specific locations.Addressed an issue that caused zombies to path incorrectly when Decoys were used in specific locations.Addressed an issue that caused the incorrect floor of the mini-map from appearing after spectating.Addressed an issue that caused shadows to appear incorrectly on a quest character when viewed with the flashlight.
  • WeaponsAddressed an issue that caused ammo to be incorrectly deducted from the D.I.E. Electrobolt while using Aether Shroud.Addressed an issue that caused the incorrect weapon rarity to appear for the player's weapon after respawning.Addressed an issue that caused the duplication of weapons using the Arsenal under specific circumstances.
  • TrialsAddressed an issue that caused the Take Damage and Recover Health Trial from granting progress when recovering the bonus health granted by Jugger-Nog.Addressed an issue that prevented a specific Trial from granting a reward.
  • Mystery BoxAddressed an issue that prevented some weapons from appearing in the cycle animation when using the Mystery Box.
  • Main QuestAddressed a rare issue that could cause the Main Quest to stop progressing at the Decontamination step.
  • PingAddressed an issue that caused incorrect icons to display when pinging certain weapons.
  • AudioAddressed an issue that could prevent certain voiceover lines from playing.
  • UIAddressed an issue that could occur where the Pause menu couldn't be closed when interacting with the Arsenal.Addressed an issue that caused a mix of visual effects from different Ammo Mods to display when navigating the Skills menu.

Dead Ops Arcade

  • StabilityAdded various stability fixes.
  • GameplayAdded Room of Judgment event.Added various enemy AI tuning changes.Added various weapon tuning changes.
  • GeneralAdded Host Migration to Dead Ops Arcade.Added options to turn off various UI elements and features.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5)

  • IntelAdded new Season One Intel to discover in Onslaught.
  • GameplayAdded various enemy pathing fixes.Addressed a rare issue that could cause a redundant Perk to be granted from power-ups.


  • StabilityAdded various stability fixes.
  • GeneralAddressed an issue with text wrapping in Windowed mode.Addressed an issue that could cause a blurry screen with NVIDIA Ansel when using a sniper scope.

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