Descent: Underground - Großes Update für das Early-Access-Spiel ehemaliger Star-Citizen-Entwickler

Descent: Underground ist ein Early-Access-Titel ehemaliger Cloud-Imperium-Games-Mitarbeiter. Das neuste Update fügt unter anderem eine neue Karte und private Matches für den Multiplayer-Shooter hinzu.

Descent: Underground hat ein Update mit einer neuen Karte und privaten Matches erhalten. Descent: Underground hat ein Update mit einer neuen Karte und privaten Matches erhalten.

Descent: Underground ist das Projekt ehemaliger Star-Citizen-Entwickler und wurde ebenfalls über Crowdfunding finanziert. Der Multiplayer-Shooter setzt vor allem auf finstere Höhlensysteme, die sich sogar zerstören lassen. Eine Early-Access-Version ist mittlerweile auf Steam zu finden und hat kürzlich ein großes Update bekommen.

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Das fügt mit »Rama« eine neue Karte hinzu und lässt Spieler ab jetzt private Matches starten und sie nach Wünschen anpassen. Außerdem gibt es neue Features, Waffen und fiese Explosivfallen.


  • Trichording is now working again! Your thrusters now thrust on all three axes like they should.
  • The Afterburner now works, though ships have limited fuel. Powerups will make an appearance later.
  • <Left Shift> is the default Afterburner key.
  • <Left Stick - PUSH> is the default Afterburner on gamepad.
  • However, if you have customized your controls, you may need to add it manually.
  • The "Proximity Bomb" gadget is now EXPLODING all around you! They take 2 seconds to arm, so plan ahead!
  • Gadgets are now correctly deploying from the Predator's neðer ye instead of its dorsal carapace.
  • Proximity Mines now have no collision until they are armed.
  • Gadget switching is now a thing- you can use different kinds of deployables.
  • By default, this is set to "T" and "G" on the keyboard or to the "Down" button on the D-Pad
  • If you have customized your controls, you may need to add these bindings manually.
  • Different ships now start with different gadgets.
  • Multiplayer now offers the option to "Create Match" and "Enter a Key" (play with your friends!) in addition to "Quick Match".
  • Matches can be started private and made public, but only before the match starts.
  • Match will start automatically about 30 seconds after the lobby has more than the minimum number of players
  • All Multiplayer matches now have a lobby that shows who is in the match, their team/color, the map, and game mode.
  • The "Torch" drone (a predecessor to the Pyro) is now tronified and ready for action.
  • A new arena map called "Rama" has been added for the enjoyment of your adoring fans!
  • A Career page is now available in the drone bay, so you can see kills, deaths, points, etc. Achievements are coming, but are not being tracked just yet.
  • Leaderboards[]! More options and views are coming!
  • Players will now spawn with a 3-second invulnerability shield as an anti-spawn camping measure. Firing a weapon removes this protection.
  • Mining the core in Capture The Core will drain your shields because of the excess radiation released.
  • Scoring in Capture The Core has been tweaked a little.
  • Three new per-match achievements have been added for core capture points in Capture The Core.
  • Collision damage broke Wingman's kill streak, so it's been disabled until it knows what it did wrong.
  • Virtual Joystick cursor now points the correct direction when mouse look is inverted
  • Many audio improvements, including new sounds for low-level lasers and the Vulcan Cannon
  • Laser damage has been rebalanced to make sure it still hurts... but not too much
  • An interface has been added to allow players to fly in any map in Test Flight.
  • Anisotropic Filtering settings should now correctly save
  • Small tweaks & bug nukings.

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