Everspace - Content-Update bringt zwei neue Schiffe und mehr

Das Weltraumspiel Everspace befindet sich aktuell für PC, Xbox One und Windows 10 im Early-Access/Preview-Programm. Zwei aktuelle Patches bringen neue spielbare Schiffe und einen neuen Schwierigkeitsgrad für Einsteiger ins Spiel.

Everspace - Gameplay-Trailer zeigt zwei neue Raumschiff-Klassen in Aktion Video starten 1:04 Everspace - Gameplay-Trailer zeigt zwei neue Raumschiff-Klassen in Aktion

Das in Hamburg ansässige Indiestudio ROCKFISH Games hat ein neues Update für das Weltraumactionspiel Everspace auf Steam, Windows 10 und Xbox One veröffentlicht. Das Highlight des neuen Updates 0.3 für das Early-Access-Spiel stellt das neue spielbare Raumschiff der »Colonial Gunship«-Klasse dar. Wenige Tage zuvor gab es bereits ein zweites neues Schiff, die Scout-Klasse.

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Beide Schiffe werden im oben eingebundenen neuen Gameplaytrailer näher vorgestellt und in Aktion gezeigt. Während die Gunship Class bis auf die Zähne bewaffnet ist, verfügt die Scout-Klasse über eine Tarnvorrichtung und besticht durch ihre große Wendigkeit. Update 0.2 hat dem Spiel außerdem einen neuen. leichteren Schwierigkeitsgrad hinzugefügt.

Quelle: http://steamcommunity.com/games/396750/announcements/


New Features

  • Added new player ship: Colonial Gunship
  • Added new enemy: Outlaw Drone Carrier
  • Perks overhaul: Divided into pilot perks and individual ship perks
  • Added new perks: Trading and Diplomacy
  • Attacking G&B can result in them reporting your attack and them being hostile in the current and next location
  • Added two new natural hazards
  • Added new point of interest: Freighter Wreck
  • Added more structures
  • Added option to set a flag for equipment to ignore it when switching to next/previous equipment
  • Added hall of fame that keeps track of your completed runs
  • Added backer-written logbook entries
  • Added new planet type


  • Interceptor and Gunship now have armor which reduces hull damage by 10% and 20% (what the Hull Enhancer used to do, but doesn't require a device slot)
  • Renamed "Hull Enhancer" to "Adaptive Armor"
  • Service stations now only offer one option unless perked with Trading perk
  • FOV is now being slightly increased while boosting
  • Slightly tweaked threat levels
  • Slightly decreased Stasis Missile effect duration
  • Added Weapon Overdrive blueprint to startup blueprints
  • Introduced a drone limit of 1. Can be perked to 3 for gunship.
  • Reduced ore pickup amount
  • Reduced explosion impulse strength
  • Increased grey goo NPC speed
  • Slightly reduced Coil Gun spread
  • Removed all shield related perks
  • Removed "store credits" perk
  • Made sensor range perk scout exclusive
  • Made jump charge duration perk scout exclusive
  • Tweaked perks for stronger differentiation between ships
  • Added more ship class restrictions for equipment
  • Proximity mines will no longer react to ships of their own faction
  • Tweaked Mine Cluster behavior
  • Tweaked jump drive animation
  • Damage indicator vignette and camera shake strength now depend on the amount of health left
  • Okkar Corvettes MK 1 can now come with jump suppressors, Okkar Corvettes MK 2 now won't always carry jump suppressors
  • Prevent more than 2 jump suppressors being active at the same time
  • Nano Injectors will now consider the nano bot efficiency
  • Increased Flak Cannon II damage
  • Increased Weapon Overdrive efficiency
  • HUD equipment slot tweaks: Display currently active devices with green glow, give currently non-usable equipment red shading
  • Energized Boost Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 now have the same duration but increased boost multiplier
  • Slightly improved Shock Rifle II stats
  • Added warning and alert sound when close to black hole
  • Aim assist now works with proximity mines and missiles
  • The "Devastator" sub-routine now reduces the energy recharge rate rather than allocating energy


  • Fixed a bug where wrong consumable icon was displayed in pickup compare screen
  • Fixed wrong consumable and secondary weapon amounts being shown in player equipment slots of compare screen
  • Fixed devices with 4 pre-installed mods being spawned
  • Fixed sun flares not affecting cloaked ships
  • Fixed sun flares pushing bigger ships out of level bounds
  • Fixed spread mods not being available for Coil Guns
  • Fixed premature uncloaking while charging weapons
  • Fixed pilot seat clipping/blocking view when playing in 1st person view in ultra-wide
  • Fixed inverted mouse x and y not working when playing with centered crosshair
  • Fixed perked critical hit chance not being regarded for right-hand item in compare screen
  • Fixed trader not offering credits anymore (but needs a perk now)
  • Fixed ships sometimes having damage in hangar
  • Fixed current ship name not correctly displayed in ingame menu
  • Fixed Outlaw Sniper not uncloaking when attacked with explosive weapons
  • Fixed nano bots not being removed in generic freighter repair mission

Everspace - Angespielt: FTL trifft Freelancer Video starten 5:05 Everspace - Angespielt: FTL trifft Freelancer

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