Miscreated - Erstes Spiel mit CryEngine-Feature SVOGI

Das CryEngine-Feature SVOGI (Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination) kommt zum ersten Mal überhaupt in einem Spiel zum Einsatz: Ein neues Update schaltet die neue Beleuchtungs-Technik in Miscreated frei.

von Tobias Ritter,
30.09.2015 17:36 Uhr

Das Entwicklerstudio Entrada Interactive bringt zum ersten Mal überhaupt die sogenannte SVOGI-Technik (Sparse Voxel Octree Global Illumination) in einem Computerspiel zum Einsatz: Ein gerade erst veröffentlichtes Update für Miscreated fügt dem Online-Survival-Spiel die neue Technologie der CryEngine hinzu.

Was genau die voxel-basierte Technik für realistischere Lichtverhältnisse im Spiel bewirkt, zeigen die Entwickler anhand einiger Vergleichsbilder im offiziellen Forum. Zu sehen sind deutlich authentischere Lichtverhältnisse in der Spielwelt. Insbesondere einige Innenbereiche sollen davon profitieren.

Im Gegenzug leidet die Spiel-Performance dem Entwicklerteam zufolge nur minimal unter der neuen Beleuchtungs-Technik.

Nachfolgend die kompletten Patchnotes des Miscreated-Updates vom 29. September 2015:


  • Fixed »Virtual Function« crash when exiting the game
  • Reduced the likelihood of the game staying running in the task manager after exiting
  • Fixed crash when picking up items or swapping items in inventory
  • Adjust lighting for SVOGI more - also made interiors a little brighter
  • Reduced frequency of stalls/freezes while playing
  • Increased grass render distance
  • Potential fix for servers getting stuck and not being able to join them (getting sent back to Server browser screen)
  • Added settings which can be used to force a server to be locked to an exact time
  • Removed all fog weather patterns for now - will be added back in later when the fog flickering is fixed
  • Fixed crash from turning off the flashlight/torch or dropping it on the ground
  • Altered Crytek recommended setting that should help reduce stuttering/freezing while
  • ying
  • Rendering engine updated to use the amazing SVOTI system from Crytek
  • Texture flickering greatly reduced if not totally removed on most things
  • Better texture compression - uses less VRAM and more efficiently streams to the GPU
  • Less stutters while playing caused by textures being loaded
  • Some forest assets are a lot more optimized now
  • Player oxygen system added - player will now start drowning when the oxygen meter runs out
  • Smaller install size - 10GB down to 7GB
  • Stars are much brighter at night
  • Lots and lots of general clean-up and improvements with the entire game

  • Adjusted the color of the tree LOD textures to blend much better

  • Adjusted the stairs in some of the houses so it's smoother going up them

  • Moved the exit positions for the ATV closer to itself
  • Horns and lights are synchronized to all players

  • Many more animations updated because of the new SFP mode
  • Fixed camera clipping through the ceiling when jumping in some buildings and structures
  • Adjusted flashlight animations to work better
  • Adjusted animations so the player's feet don't slide as much when moving
  • Rifle melee animations updated
  • New SFP-based (Simulated First Person) animation system (still WIP)
  • Almost every player animation in the game has been updated for SFP
  • First person/third person shadows always match now
  • Tactical weapon mode - raise/lower weapon
  • DOF added to weapons when aiming
  • Aiming system improved due to new SFP mode

  • Light from the flashlight and torch is no longer obscured by their own model (was causing odd behaving shadows)
  • Adjusted physics proxies on ranged weapons so they don't bounce around when dropped

  • Much more efficient network layer (processing is about 10x faster than before)
  • More efficient entity priority system
  • Client joins server slightly faster - "Joining Server..." phase
  • Client loads the world map faster - "Loading World.."
  • Server synchronizes data to clients faster - "Synchronizing World..." phase

  • Added Oxygen meter display to the stats bar
  • Modified the temperature meter display to show the player's temperature in Celsius

  • Much more efficient AI pathfinding system

  • EAC updated to latest version

  • Weapon shot reverb sounds working

Miscreated befindet sich seit Oktober 2014 in der Early-Access-Phase. Weitere Details zum neuen Update finden sich im offiziellen Forum.

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