Natural Selection 2 - Neue Alpha-Version veröffentlicht

Eine neue Version der Alpha von Natural Selection 2 integriert unter anderem die Havok-Physikengine und steigert die Performance.

Screenshot aus der Alpha von Natural Selection 2 Screenshot aus der Alpha von Natural Selection 2

Die Entwickler von Natural Selection 2haben jüngst eine neue spielbare Alpha-Version des Actionspiels veröffentlicht. Alle Vorbesteller der Special Edition des Titels können sich diese über Steam herunterladen. Eine der wichtigsten Neuerung ist dabei die Einbindung der Physikengine Havok. Des Weiteren wurde die Performance durch eine verschiedene Optimierungen deutlich gesteigert. Eine vollständige Liste der Änderungen, die mit dem neuen Build 154 vorgenommen wurden, können Sie im Folgenden lesen.

- Changed collision detection to use the Havok engine
- Optimized trace ray and sweep capsule tests
- Fixed bug where keys could get stuck down after a frame hitch
- Fixed bug where players could not be removed from the scoreboard after they left the game
- Fixed bug where bots would not be properly removed from the server
- Fixed crash on exit when trying to run the game without Steam running
- Fixed bug where particle systems weren't properly occlusion culled
- Fixed hardware cursors not being properly released on shutdown
- Fixed bugs with the occlusion culling system not properly determining if something is visible
- Changed the "Couldn't Connect" error message to be more descriptive
- Added net_messages console command to log network messages received
- Added r_gui console command to enable/disable drawing the GUI
- Added the ability to include PROFILE markers in script code
- Added support for Lua GUIs on models (i.e. ammo display on the Rifle)

- Completely re-did marine, alien and "shared" (waypoints, chat, death messages, etc.) interfaces in Lua (was in flash). You should see noticeable frame-rate improvements.
- Added very basic bots for load testing ("dev 1" at server, "addbots #" or "removebots #"
- Armory "buy" menu fully client-side now so it's much more responsive
- Hydras now build smoothly
- MACs and Drifters now cost energy to produce (further eliminating spam and overly simplistic defense)
- Sentries turn off completely without power
- Power nodes have almost-dead and dead electricity/sparking effects
- Reduced number of network messages and footstep sounds dramatically
- Networking optimizations
- Power nodes work on level change
- Structure flinch animations fixed
- Changing weapons as marine is now faster and more reponsive
- Added basic pathing for bots (when commanding)
- Fixed MAC welding effects
- Skulk leap now requires research (on the Whip, coming soon)
- Fixed "doubling up" of some sounds

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