Rogue Legacy - Patch 1.1.0 mit Mac- und Linux-Support für veröffentlicht

Der Entwickler Cellar Door Games hat ein neues Update 1.1.0 für das Jump&Run Rogue Legacy veröffentlicht. Darin ist unter anderem der Support für Mac und Linux enthalten.

Der Patch 1.1.0 für Rogue Legacy steht zum Download bereit. Der Patch 1.1.0 für Rogue Legacy steht zum Download bereit.

Das Team von Cellar Door Games hat den Patch 1.1.0 für das Jump&Run Rogue Legacy veröffentlicht. Dieses Update bietet unter anderem den bereits im Vorfeld angekündigten Support für Mac und Linux.

Außerdem haben die Entwickler die Anzahl der möglichen Savegames erweitert, so dass die Spieler ab sofort auf insgesamt drei Speicherplätze zurückgreifen können. Des Weiteren beseitigt das Update diverse Bugs und nimmt kleinere Änderungen vor. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Rogue Legacy v1.1.0

- Mac and Linux versions have been added to this release!
- Added profile select functionality. You can now choose between three save game profiles.
- Added Mac/Linux team to credits.
- Jukebox is now persistent until you switch areas (or enter a boss room).
- Fixed bug where disabling fire shield displayed a mana cost.
- Game now properly handles special character crashes in the hero/heroine name lists.
- Fixed room that had empty block where a chest should be.
- Alexander no longer moves in places where if you kill him, the money is lost.
- Casting Mega Damage Shield now drains your mana faster than when casting the regular spell.
- Fixed bug where player would no longer catch his own chakram or conflux projectiles.
- Fixed bug where you could get the dragon fire spell for a class other than the dragon by locking the castle.
- Fixed a few spelling mistakes in the game.
- Fixed bug where game would function oddly when the system broke standard vsync and ran faster than 60.
- Fixed bug where dungeon shader was being applied to all areas, affecting performance.
- Tweaked the glowing fairies in the Garden to reduce confusion that players could interact with them.
- Fixed bug where the backup save system wasn’t kicking in properly if the map or map data got corrupted.
- Fixed bug where one of the last boss’s attacks had an incorrect hitbox.
- Fixed bug where you could take damage immediately after exiting a compass room.
- Removed the delete button from the options menu and put it into the profile selector.
- Fixed bug where the Randomize Children skill in the manor had incorrect text.
- Changed E.D.S to Flexible.
- Added a more comprehensive fix for player/boss dying at the same time.
- Player now makes a sound when landing after getting hit.
- Fixed bug where you could see a bit of background during a death defy.
- Fixed bug where quitting from heir selection with a character that has vertigo would result in him/her not having it on second load.
- Fixed bug where credits were running extremely slow.
- Fixed bug where lineage screen was running extremely slow.

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Rogue Legacy

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