Arma 3 für Einsteiger - »Project Argo«-Experiment soll Neulinge ansprechen

Bohemia Interactive hat mit »Project Argo« eine Total Conversion des Militärshooters Arma 3 entwickelt, die vor allem Einsteiger ansprechen soll und auf schnelle Action ausgelegt ist.

Project Argo von Bohemia Interactive ist eine Total Conversion von Arma 3 und entstand als Prototyp im hauseigenen Incubator-Programm. Es steht kostenlos zur Verfügung. Project Argo von Bohemia Interactive ist eine Total Conversion von Arma 3 und entstand als Prototyp im hauseigenen Incubator-Programm. Es steht kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Das Entwicklerstudio Bohemia Interactive hat eine neue Initiative namens »Bohemia Incubator« gestartet, die es internen Teams im Studio erlaubt, neue Spielideen und Prototypen während der Arbeitszeit zu entwickeln.

Eins der interessantesten ersten Projekte dürfte »Project Argo« sein. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Total Conversion des Militärshooters Arma 3 und steht kostenlos als Prototyp für den PC zur Verfügung. Dabei handelt es sich um einen kompetitiven First-Person-Shooter, bei dem sich zwei Gruppen von Söldnern in »5 vs 5«-Matches gegenüber stehen.

Aktuell stehen drei Spielmodi zur Verfügung, von denen zwei an Call of Duty Domination und Battlefield Rush erinnern. Der dritte Modus ist ein sektorbasierter Angriffs- und Verteidigungs-Kampf. Project Argo spielt zwar auch auf großen Karten, aber der Fokus und das Ambiente sind deutlich kleiner als in einem typischen Arma-Gefecht.

YouTuber-User »Harry« gibt auf seinem Kanal einen ersten Einblick:

Link zum YouTube-Inhalt

Weitere Informationen zum Prototyp-Programm des Entwicklers gibt es unter folgendem Video:

Link zum YouTube-Inhalt

FAQ zu Project Argo

  • What is Bohemia Incubator and how does it relate to Project Argo?Project Argo is a standalone total conversion of Arma 3, which we're releasing as part of Bohemia Incubator. This is a new label for experimental Bohemia Interactive games that are made available to the public. The goal of Bohemia Incubator is to guide the development of a game, our technology, and/or supporting services - as well as to increase our knowledge of different areas in game development. With Project Argo specifically, we want to test some competitive multiplayer game mechanics, and improve the competitive aspect of Arma and other Bohemia games. Ultimately, the much longer-term aim of this project is to develop a similar (most likely Arma-related) multi-platform game on a different engine.
  • What is the difference between Bohemia Incubator and Steam Early Access?
    Do I have to pay to play Project Argo?Different from Steam Early Access titles, a Bohemia Incubator game can be much more experimental and rough, and may even never be finished. To reflect this, you can play the Open Prototype of Project Argo for free. That said, if and when Project Argo sees an official release, we aim for it to become a paid product, but we haven't yet decided on the details.
  • Until when will the Open Prototype of Project Argo be available?
    We're currently planning to make the Open Prototype of Project Argo available for about 3-4 months, after which we'll decide the next steps for this experimental project.

  • What languages are available?
    The Open Prototype of Project Argo is available in English.

  • What are the system requirements?
    You can find the system requirements for Project Argo on the bottom of this store page.
  • Will you still add new content and features to Project Argo's Open Prototype?
    Since Project Argo is a (standalone) total conversion of Arma 3, and given the intended scope of the project, there's a limit to what we'll be able to do. The majority of Project Argo's planned game content is already available, and most core game mechanics are considered nearly final. Our primary focus is to resolve game, performance, and balancing issues. In the next months, we do still aim to introduce some more locations, and a persistent leveling system connected to in-game items that players can unlock. Furthermore, some minor improvements made for Project Argo might also be carried over to Arma 3.
  • How are you planning on involving players into the Project Argo development process?
    We'll be keeping players informed about our development progress in the form of status reports and changelogs. These will be posted on the Project Argo website, and shared - alongside other project and community news - and via our Facebook and Twitter pages. We also intend to host Project Argo live streams, ranging from Developer Q&As to tournaments, and perhaps more. Last but not least, and most important of all, we'd like to invite everyone to report game issues to our Feedback Tracker, and post their experiences, suggestions, and ideas on the Bohemia Interactive Forums.
  • Can Project Argo be modded?
    Since the Open Prototype of Project Argo re-uses Arma 3 assets, we decided to keep modding exclusive to Arma 3 and its owners. This also enables us to focus our resources on supporting Arma 3 as a modding platform. That said, we hope to release components of Project Argo to the Arma 3 modding community in the future, so they can learn from it and/or use the new content for their own creations.
  • Malden? I know that name!
    Project Argo's version of Malden is a re-imagination of the iconic terrain featured in Bohemia Interactive's first Arma game, Arma: Cold War Assault. This re-imagined Malden combines new art assets with existing vanilla Arma 3 objects, structures, vegetation, etcetera. Besides Project Argo, we also plan to bring a version of Malden to Arma 3, in the form of Free DLC. This free "Malden DLC" is currently scheduled for release in June 2017, to coincide with the Arma series' 16th anniversary.
  • What else is going on with Arma 3?
    We'll continue to offer post-release support for Arma 3 in the form of platform updates and new DLC. To learn more about Arma 3's roadmap for the upcoming year, be sure to check out this recent dev blog, which lists some of the planned additional content. On top of that, since Project Argo is a total conversion of Arma 3, some of the smaller improvements we're making for Project Argo will be carried over to Arma 3 as well.

Dein Lieblingsspiel: Arma 3 - Der Schlachtfeld-Simulator Video starten 7:11 Dein Lieblingsspiel: Arma 3 - Der Schlachtfeld-Simulator

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