Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Erster Patch erschienen

Für die Enhanced Edition von Baldur's Gate ist nun das erste Update erschienen, welches vor allem Bugfixing betreibt und Absturz-Ursachen beheben soll.

Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition - Test-Video Video starten 6:17 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Test-Video

Für die Ende November erschienene Enhanced Edition des Rollenspiel-Klassikers Baldur's Gate ist nun der erste Patch erschienen. Neben der Behebung von Absturz-Ursachen, etwa beim Wechsel des Areals, und kleineren Anpassungen an der Benutzeroberfläche widmet sich das Update aber vor allem dem Ausmerzen von Bugs.

So sollen nun etwa diverse Quest-Stopper der Vergangenheit angehören und einige NPC-Charaktere wie vorgesehen agieren beziehungsweise reagieren. Über 40 Fehler soll Version 1.0.2011 beheben.

Patch Notes zu Update 1.0.2011:

  • Fixed crash when changing areas
  • Fixed crash when clicking outside of the map
  • New movie for resting in dungeon and inn
  • Adjusted introduction video due to customer feedback and Coriander’s threats of violence (You may have thought that complaining about the Nietzsche quote was pointless…)
  • Various UI screens touched up
  • Thieves and bards XP cap has been modified
  • Monks and clerics XP cap has been modified (Black Pits)
  • Quest/Journal log fixes
  • Damage Modifier display has been retooled
  • Taerom no longer drops Ankheg Shells
  • Fixed issues with Dorn's dialogue and alignment
  • Fixed issues with Neera's dialogue
  • Neera's encounter with Edwin has been touched up
  • Minsc joining issues have been resolved
  • Switching to default soundset works
  • Quasit Familiar can now cast blur
  • Trolls in Cloud Peaks now give XP
  • Kryll's skeletons now give XP
  • Wild Surge text has been corrected
  • Auto-save date and time error resolved
  • Delainy/Durlyle flower quest has been fixed
  • Some items now show the proper ground icons
  • Silke responds correctly to player's actions
  • Red Sheaf Inn displays the proper rumors
  • Gnoll duel works correctly
  • Summoning Flame Blades no longer causes a penalty
  • Killing Dorn before his encounter has been fixed
  • The Great Gazib will no longer spawn more than one orge
  • Algernon and Nimbul's dialogue issues fixed
  • Reevor's quest can always be completed
  • Jospeh's Ring quest is now completable
  • Certain area lightmaps have been updated
  • No reputation loss when fighting certain characters
  • Detect Evil's description has been corrected
  • Creatures decreased in South Beregost Road's cave
  • Tutorial items no longer sellable when exported to main game
  • Shandalar's Cloak no longer equip-able by monks
  • Certain quest items can no longer be pick-pocketed
  • Interaction with Shaella has been improved
  • Phlydia speaks the proper lines after her quest
  • Marl will approach player even after resting
  • Coran takes player's NPC Reaction into account and join level modified
  • Cursed Ring of Slight Monsterism now changes character's appearance to zombie
  • Nadarin's quest now pays the corrects amount of gold

Quelle: DSOgaming

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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

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