Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Patch mit »AI 2.0« macht NPC-Gegner stärker

Divinity: Original Sin 2 wird schwieriger: Der Patch auf die Version ? nimmt unter anderem Anpassungen an der Künstlichen Intelligenz vor. Weitere Optimierungen folgen später auf Basis des Spieler-Feedbacks.

von Tobias Ritter,
03.02.2017 15:29 Uhr

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Multiplayer-Duell: Blut, Taktik, Schadenfreude 13:43 Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Multiplayer-Duell: Blut, Taktik, Schadenfreude

Die Early-Access-Version von Divinity: Original Sin 2 hat ein neues Update erhalten, das offenbar den Schwierigkeitsgrad des Rollenspiels anhebt. Grund dafür: Das AI-2.0-System, durch das Kämpfe gegen NPC-Gegner etwas herausfordernder werden sollen.

Wie genau das funktioniert, erklären die Entwickler in einem neuen Video auf der Kickstarter-Projektseite zu Divinity: Original Sin 2. Wie es darin heißt, ist sich die Künstliche Intelligenz nach dem Update ihrer Umgebung im Spiel deutlich bewusster, so dass sie etwa explosive Ölfässer oder potenzielle Debuffs besser nutzt.

KI-Balancing wird noch optimiert

Aktuell klingt das Ganze noch so, als sei das KI-System absichtlich etwas zu schwer gemacht worden. Das Entwicklerteam möchte so offenbar mehr Feedback der Spieler erhalten, um das richtige Balancing zu finden. Im fertigen Spiel werden einzelne Fähigkeiten der Künstlichen Intelligenz dann offenbar an- oder ausgeschaltet, abhängig vom gewählten Schwierigkeitsgrad.

Nach der Aktualisierung sind alte Spielstände von Divinity: Original Sin 2 übrigens nicht mehr kompatibel. Dazu sind die Änderungen wohl zu umfangreich. Es ist aber auch möglich, mit der alten Beta-Version weiterzuspielen.

Die Patchnotes zu Version


  • AI 2.0. Integrated new AI system for all enemies
  • AI has received a big overhaul. In general it should be a lot smarter and have more awareness of its surroundings. This means that the AI might have gotten a bit more difficult to deal with, so don't underestimate your enemies and especially watch your positioning! Your enemies will make better use of barrels, surfaces, and combat control skills, and they'll have better knowledge of the consequences of casting particular skills. Planning ahead is now more important than ever.
  • Loot system overhaul
  • Find less gear in random loot, but more gold and valuables. The idea is to get economy going and make trade more important. Uniquely hand-placed items and boss loot should feel more rewarding and rare. You HAVE to go shopping!
  • Added three new arenas
  • Forbidden Valley
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Ravenshaw Mansion
  • Added AI 2.0 to arenas
  • You can now choose which starting class recruited companions should be, making it easier to compose the best-balanced party
  • Removed durability from armor
  • Weapon durability now only decreases when attacking objects
  • Reduced AoE radius of most area spells to promote tactical gameplay
  • Improved talk animation for female humans
  • New melee attack animations for all races
  • Improved female lizard skill animations
  • Improved several item textures throughout the level
  • Improved animations for several skills
  • Improved list of usable items that should automatically get added to the bottom bar
  • Improved Soul Jars: they now check if the player still has their Source collar before letting them absorb the soul in the jars
  • Improved Burn My Eyes tooltip to include that it removes Terrified, Sleeping, Enraged
  • Improved fog effects
  • Updated several UI sound effects

Balancing and design changes

  • Invisibility is now removed by Frozen, Petrified, Stunned, Knocked Down, Taunted, Sleeping, Wet
  • Invisibility is no longer removed by all surfaces, except if they damage you
  • Fortified status should now remove burning
  • Poison damage no longer automatically contaminates puddles
  • Wielding single wand now applies bonus from single handed ability
  • Players receive their second Civil Point at level two. After that, they receive a point every four levels
  • Weapon skills now show 'chance to hit' when hovering over a target
  • All chests can now be moved and picked up, except special arena chests
  • All containers that should be pick-up-able, now are (improved weight stats)
  • Ground Smash now uses damage of equipped weapon
  • Increased duration of Burning, Poisoned and Bleeding for most skills because these statuses no longer deal one tick of damage when applied for the first time
  • Description of 'Rested' status now mentions that it protects from certain harmful statuses
  • Added a new defensive ability, Perseverance, that allows characters to regain part of their armor after being controlled by a status
  • Surfaces and clouds no longer disappear automatically. Exceptions: fire (2 turns), smoke (1 turn)
  • You can no longer spot characters in sneak mode while preparing a skill
  • Sneaking cones now show on all characters that can spot you, rather than just the ones that see you
  • Incapacitated NPCs can no longer spot the player while the player is in sneak mode. Similarly, incapacitated players can no longer spot sneaking enemies.
  • Damage statuses no longer tick damage on applying
  • Set equip cost for all slots to 1 AP
  • Trompdoy is now immune to poison and bleeding
  • Purging Wands and Braccus Helm now give Source Disruption skill


  • Added and updated visual effects:
  • Elemental weapon impacts
  • Several grenades and arrows
  • Several skills throughout campaign and in Arena Mode
  • Added and improved several sounds for skills and usable items
  • Added weapon swoosh effects that scale with the level of your weapon abilities (Example: Single-handed weapons will have a bigger swoosh at single-handed level five)
  • Added map marker from Delorus, after you choose to heal him
  • Added new effect for Party Reflection Dialogs and stopped these dialogs from appearing during combat
  • Added new type of pitchfork to weapon treasure
  • Added new simple tools weapon types to weapon treasure (mallet, pickaxe, scythe, pitchfork)
  • Added several journal updates for quests in Fort Joy area
  • Added new necklace types to treasure generation
  • Added being able to sell junk in the trade window

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed random seed not being reset when loading a savegame. Happy save scumming!
  • Fixed several signs that were no longer legible
  • Fixed errors in status animations for male humans
  • Fixed Bahara position at seeker camp. Some players were getting "can't reach" message when trying to interact with her
  • Fixed incorrect reflection boost getting added to equipment
  • Fixed issue with XP reward in multiplayer for "The Imprisoned Elf" quest
  • Fixed blind status causing player to miss even after the status wore off
  • Fixed non-weapon items not showing critical hit chance
  • Fixed possible crash when unloading a level
  • Fixed crash when a client player would press highlight characters button without having assigned characters
  • Fixed issue with initial dialogs of Gawin and Leste
  • Fixed the equipment of one of Trompdoy's illusions
  • Fixed dialogs for certain characters after they had already met (example: Red Prince and Stingtail dialog)
  • Fixed Gawin dying prematurely during one of his teleports
  • Fixed Amyro becoming hostile if he is teleported out of his cell
  • Fixed issue with resurrected characters causing arena match to end prematurely
  • Fixed issue with Void Worm not spawning in the final fight of Fort Joy
  • Fixed crash when player was committing a crime and then loading a savegame right after
  • Fixed Gratiana's dialog if Gareth is already dead when the Seekers gather before the final fight
  • Fixed hotbar positions of the button hints after reassigning keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed Gratiana's dialog if you had the Wand and had delivered the Soul Jar to her already
  • Fixed issue with Gareth's dialog before the final fight. In some cases, he would not leave behind companions for the player to help during the battle
  • Fixed a crash when destroying specific chests containing cloth loot
  • Fixed Historian joining combat involuntarily in Fort Joy Swamps area
  • Fixed the boat to escape Fort Joy still being visually present for other players after one player had already used it
  • Fixed items disappearing when you left them in certain containers and tried to recover them after leaving the area
  • Fixed several items not having an icon
  • Fixed items getting removed from hotbar when switching from dual wield to two-handed
  • Fixed Comeback Kid talent so it correctly saves the player character with 1 hp left
  • Fixed Telekinesis beam effect not disappearing
  • Fixed burning pigs not reacting correctly when receiving Blessed status
  • Fixed multiplayer issues with Saheila quest
  • Fixed being able to talk to Zaleskar's mirror after killing him
  • Fixed Charmed status description
  • Fixed possible infinite fire surface
  • Fixed Tarlene's dialogue after you save Gareth
  • Fixed issue that Source collars would not show up after getting resurrected in Arena
  • Fixed necromancers not attacking after you destroy Necromancer Rask's Soul Jar
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes colliding with roofs
  • Fixed several incorrect imprisonment scenarios
  • Fixed several issues with necromancer maze
  • Fixed issue with curse status getting stuck on character after receiving it via items like Braccus' ring
  • Fixed issue with starting skills not updating in character creation screen
  • Fixed being able to pickpocket all loot by pressing space bar when 'take all' button is disabled
  • Fixed smoke clouds not blocking vision anymore after loading
  • Fixed gold in containers not being included in trade window, while the containers are in the player's inventory
  • Fixed being able to get a Talent without meeting its requirements in the character creation screen
  • Fixed Attribute bonuses from equipment so they correctly count towards requirements for equipping items
  • Fixed Leadership not working on allies in multiplayer
  • Fixed surface damage reflect. This should not happen anymore.
  • Fixed several issues with Buddy the dog
  • Fixed several minor dialogue inconsistencies in and around Fort Joy
  • Fixed Voidwoken Drillworm spawning in incorrect locations

Wann Divinity: Original Sin 2 erscheint, ist bisher nicht bekannt. Larian Studios hat mittlerweile aber immerhin einen groben Zeitplan im Kopf. Bleibt abzuwarten, wann dieser veröffentlicht wird.

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