Far Cry 2 im Test - Review of Ubisofts' Open-World Shooter

Far Cry 2 scores right in the core area of first-person-shooters: action. Players who like some logic and a good story even in a first-person-shooter will have their problems with Far Cry 2.

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Right in front of us, pretty Flora is lying in the grass, wailing. She's seriously wounded and we could save her - if only we had a healing syringe. But we ran out of supplies. We rush to search nearby car wrecks. Nothing. We run back to the junk yard where we had just sent lots of villains to their maker. What a surprise, the area is full of enemies again, so we dispatch all of them. But still no syringe.

Desperate now, we return to Flora, kneel beside her and offer her our gun. She grabs the barrel and thrusts it against her chin. "Get it over with!" she says with gritted teeth. As we pull the trigger, the camera automatically pans to the side. We can't see how the woman dies by our own hands, but we are shocked anyway. Later on, when our pal Marty goes down in enemy fire, we almost don't care. He will be replaced by a new friend, who will also die. Either because the story of the game wants him to, or because we don't have any medicine at hand. This way, Ubisoft's first-person-shooter Far Cry 2 creates a string of corpses in a beautiful and sunny African environment that seems as empty and cold as the Arctic.

A tasty appetizer

It's a promising prelude. After you've chosen one out of nine heroes, you find yourself in a scruffy cab somewhere in a fictional African country. While the hero remains silent throughout the game, the cab driver feels like talking about the civil war and commenting things happening around you. Once you reach the outskirts of Pala city, your vision becomes a blurry yellow and you lose consciousness.
Shortly afterwards, you awake in a shabby room. In a dark corner, a man is tampering with a book. This man, called "The Jackal", is an arms dealer and the book is your journal. You came to Africa to kill someone, to kill an arms dealer, and he is standing right in front of you. After mocking you and telling you that you suffer from Malaria, he leaves. Then there are shots, explosions and the whole room is shaking. You're trying to run away (by playing the tutorial), but you're not making it very far. You're hit in front of the hotel.

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