Fortnite: Battle Royale - Wie die Entwickler die PC-Performance verbessern wollen

Fortnite: Battle Royale hat am vergangenen Wochenende satte 811.000 gleichzeitig aktive Spieler an Land gezogen. Deshalb müssen einige Baustellen behoben werden.

von Dimitry Halley,
02.11.2017 11:24 Uhr

Fortnite: Battle Royale legt einen erfolgreichen Start hin.Fortnite: Battle Royale legt einen erfolgreichen Start hin.

Man mag Fortnite: Battle Royale vorhalten, dass es ziemlich offensichtlich bei PUBG abguckt. Aber das schadet dem Erfolg des Fortnite-Spin-Offs nicht im geringsten: Über 800.000 gleichzeitig aktive Spieler konnte der Free2Play-Shooter am vergangenen Wochenende plattformübergreifend anziehen.

Kein Wunder, dass bei so einem Ansturm Anpassungen der PC-Version erfolgen müssen. Offenbar gab es einigen Trubel mit der Lauffähigkeit des Spiels, zumindest laut Twitter:

Die Zukunft von Fortnite: Battle Royale auf dem PC

Entwickler Epic will die PC-Performance von Fortnite: Battle Royale an diversen Stellen ankurbeln. In einer ausführlichen Liste kommuniziert das Spiel die Baustellen künftiger Patches. Hier die Notes:

  • Improve performance on min spec PC systems (Nvidia GTX 460, Radeon HD 5570, Intel HD 4000). This is an area where we made things worse recently, but took initial steps to correct in v1.8. We're not going to stop there.
  • Fix GPU hangs on PC and continue work with graphic card vendors such as NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel on improving performance and stability.
  • Reduce hitches during gameplay. We define a hitch as a frame that took more than 60 ms, resulting in an entire frame to be skipped. The goal here is to get to less than one per minute with focus on entirely eliminating hitches over 100 ms.
  • Fix remaining hitches on dedicated servers. E.g. a lot of players jumping late can result in rubber banding for players early on.
  • Optimize server performance of common actions like taking damage.
  • Identify source of hitches that are limited to first hour of releasing an update.
  • Optimize our server and network code to allow sending of player state to all 100 connections per frame. Right now we are updating 25 connections per frame in the lobby and 50 during the game. That means your play experience isn't where we want it to be till there are 50 players left. This is a major change that is running in parallel with other optimizations.
  • Improve our handling of edge cases that can result in wells of despair.
  • Improve our matchmaking system to dynamically route traffic to data centers within a region based on location. Basically have the ability to optimize for ping without taking away from the ability to play with friends.
  • Hire more smart people that are passionate about these sorts of technical challenges.

Viele Änderungen sollen schon mit dem kommenden Update 1.8 erfolgen, andere Aspekte gestalten sich eher als Langzeitprojekte.

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