Pillars of Eternity - Patchnotes und Feature-Video zu Update 3.0

Im Februar 2016 erscheint mit Patch 3.0 ein größeres Update für Pillars of Eternity - begleitend zur Inhaltserweiterung The White March (Part 2). Nun haben die Entwickler die Patchnotes noch einmal aktualisiert und ein Feature-Video veröffentlicht.

von Tobias Ritter,
05.02.2016 11:51 Uhr

Pillars of Eternity - Patch 3.0: Neue Features im Gameplay-Video vorgestellt 2:57 Pillars of Eternity - Patch 3.0: Neue Features im Gameplay-Video vorgestellt

Obsidian Entertainment und Paradox Interactive haben weitere Details zum kommenden Update für Pillars of Eternity bekannt gegeben. Außerdem wurden die Patchotes für die Aktualisierung auf die Version 3.0 noch einmal ergänzt.

Der Patch 3.0 wird gleichzeitig mit der Inhalts-Erweiterung The White March - Part 2 am 16. Februar 2016 veröffentlicht. Unter anderem sind ein verbessertes Combat-UI, Aktualisierungen für die In-Game-Festungen und Tränke sowie ein neuer Story-Time-Spielmodus angekündigt. Außerdem sollen diverse Features verbessert werden, darunter Verletzungen bei Bewusstlosigkeit. Auch soll der Schwierigkeitsgrad während des Kampfes geändert werden können.

Das Update auf die Version 3.0 ist kostenlos für alle Spieler von Pillars of Eternity.

Die kompletten aktuellen Patchnotes zu Update 3.0

Known Issues

  • Localization will be spotty throughout the beta. We are still performing the localizations for new content.
  • Traps and Seals are invisible and can't be triggered.
  • Drug Crash cooldown displayed on effect tooltip does not take into account Consumable Duration I/II effect bonus.
  • There is no Camping Bonus popup if party chooses to rest via dialog option.
  • While Camping, consumable duration is displayed improperly when a character is influenced by Consumable Duration rest effect.
  • Zahua does not have Transcendent Suffering.
  • If you have Resting, Camping, Injury, and Maimed, all bonuses are lost when you camp.
  • Drugs duration timer is influenced by intelligence in the character portrait tooltip.
  • Ranger's companions are not moved into fixed positions during the Dilemma cutscenes.

New Features

  • New content for the Stronghold that has you, as lord or lady of Caed Nua, decide the fate of your vassals and send your companions on new and exciting adventures.
  • There is also a new quest line that allows you to defend your claim to Caed Nua (will be released in 3.0 final).
  • Knockout Injuries have been added as an option for those that want it. Injuries are added to characters that are knocked out in battle and are only removed by resting.
  • Story Time mode has been added. This difficulty setting is for people that want to experience the Pillars of Eternity story without having to build a party of adventurers focused on combat.
  • Athletics has been revamped so that it allows characters to cast Second Wind. A powerful healing ability. A higher Athletics skill increases the size of the heal.
  • Survival now grants rest bonuses. A higher Survival skill will unlock more rest bonuses or increase the strength of existing bonuses.
  • Many new creatures have been added to the Bestiary.
  • The Action Bar has been reorganized so that it is easier for players to see their Per Encounter, Per Rest, and Watcher abilities.
  • The end of the game (Act 3 and second half of Od Nua) has been revised to remove the number of "trash" encounters and increase their difficulty.
  • A high level scaling option has been included for anyone that enters Act 3 at a high level.


  • Zahua gained +3 to con (now 17) so he has 75 attribute points like all other companions.


  • Added correct audio bank to animal companion antelope so it should play proper SFX now.
  • Dragons will now wait a minimum of three seconds at the start of combat before using a breath weapon.
  • Immunity: Ground added to a large number of spirits, drakes, wurms.
  • Immunity: Prone removed from dragons, replaced with Immunity: Unconscious and Resist: Prone (+20).
  • Removed Prone immunity from spectres, shadows, shades, phantoms, cean gwla, and battery sirens.


  • Ciphers have been rebalanced so that their powers cost 10 focus per level. E.G. 10 focus for 1st level power, 50 focus for 5th level power.
  • Drugs have been rebalanced in the following ways:
  • Blacsonn: +3 Perception, +25 Resist vs. Ground, -2 Dexterity, Crash: -3 Might, -2 Dex
  • Carow Golan: +20% Focus Gain, +10 Deflection, +20 Reflex, -4 Intellect, Crash: -5 Might
  • Goldrot Chew: +3 Might, +1 Movement, -2 Perception, Crash: -4 Dexterity
  • Ripple Sponge: +10% Max Stamina, +25 Resist vs. Poison and Disease, - 4 Resolve, Crash: -1 Movement
  • Snowcap: Confused Immunity, +40 Resist vs. Charmed, +20 Resist vs. Dominated, -5 Perception, Crash: -2 Constitution, -2 Intellect
  • Svef: +15% Attack Speed, +0.5 Movement, -4 Resolve, Crash: -6 Resolve
  • Whiteleaf: Frightened, Sickened Immunity, +25 Resist vs. Terrified, Weakened, -10% Attack Speed, Crash: -15% Max Stamina
  • Fixed an issue where you could cast "ally only" spells on party members before they joined your party.
  • Animation for picking locks now plays whether or not your character uses lockpicks.
  • Fixed an issue where talent-granted abilities were not being removed correctly on retraining.
  • Put a retroactive fix for fighter made before Update 2.03 so they now properly receive a +5 buff to base Deflection.
  • Fixed inflated Accuracy calculations when the player placed traps or cast certain spells.
  • Fixed a problem where some status effect usages didn't take trigger adjustments into account.
  • AI will now choose more appropriate actions if they are unable to move.
  • Fixed redundant immunity listings on animated weapons.
  • Added the "Ground" keyword and associated it with a whole bunch of spells and abilities that are ground-based: Tanglefoot, Web, Slicken, the various priest Seals, etc.
  • Fixed a problem where some equipment would disappear after a shapeshift but still provide its bonuses.

Spells and Abilities

  • Suppress Affliction base duration reduced from 10s to 5s, AoE radius reduced from 2.5m to 1.75m.
  • All Prayer Against _____ spells, scrolls, and abilities now grant immunity rather than resistance. Their base durations have been cut from 30s to 15s.
  • Constant Recovery, Rapid Recovery, and Veteran's Recovery now all heal more Endurance per tick and all scale with level.
  • Ancient Memory now heals double the Endurance and scales with level but has a 45s duration.
  • Beloved Spirits now also heals twice as much and scales with level.
  • Removed an unnecessary restriction on stacking Weapon Type Specialization abilities. This should fix issues like Flick of the Wrist being suppressed by Prey on the Weak.
  • Fixed some stacking inconsistencies with Cipher powers that caused some spell effects to suppress other valid effects.
  • Holy Radiance now heals base 15 Endurance.
  • The Sword and the Shepherd (Kind Wayfarer talent) now scales with level (+7 every 3).
  • Shielding Touch deflection bonus increased from +8 to +12 (Shieldbearers of St. Elcga talent)
  • Renamed Duty's Bond to Aegis of Loyalty and the talent now grants 15s of immunity to confused/charmed/dominated instead of a +20 defensive bonus for 20s.
  • Sworn Enemy range dropped to 10m, set to 1/encounter instead of 3/rest.
  • Added the paladin talent Wrath of Five Suns (modifies Sworn Enemy). It is only available to Pallegina.
  • Flagellant's Path attack is now more likely to place the character between him and his destination instead of off to the side.
  • Fixed a few abilities (Like Crippling Guard) that improperly claimed to apply effects to Self.
  • Faith and Conviction now scales for NPCs, +1 def and +2 to all other defenses at 5th, 10th, 15th level. Base Faith and Conviction bonuses reduced from +5 defenses, +10 to all other defenses to +4 def, +8 to all other defenses.
  • Knock Down is now a full attack (was only a primary attack previously) meaning that dual-wielding characters will now perform two attacks.
  • Play Dead should be be removed correctly when you retrain.
  • Miasma of Dull-mindedness penalties reduced from -10 to -6 and duration from base 20s to 12s.
  • Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment adds perception penalty. Penalty against subsequent targets increased and jump range increased from 5m to 8m.
  • Chanter skeleton summons set to 2nd level (were previously 1st).
  • Reny Daret's Ghost duration from 20s base to 12s base.
  • Clear Out base damage increased from 15-22 to 30-40.
  • Into the Fray base damage increased to 22-30 and damage type switched from crush to pierce. Into the Fray base dazed duration increased from 5 to 12.
  • Constant and Veteran's Recovery reduced from base 90s to base 45s duration.


  • Updated Watcher Vision VFX to reduce chances of blowout on a light background.
  • Adding a melee attack for pigs <--- This is important
  • Fixed a problem where game camera control could be renabled when moving from a conversation to a store directly. This should prevent zooming-in while scrolling in the store.
  • Fletcher's Stay rest bonus from The Goose and Fox now removes correctly.
  • Fixed issue where you could duplicate cloaks on corpses using quick loot.
  • Fixing big head mode on Sky and Alpine dragons.


  • Fixed a problem where immediate effects from characters with high Intelligence could show a duration in the short combat log.
  • Fixed an issue where aggregated effects in the combat log could overlap if longer than the width of the combat log.
  • Fixed grammatical errors in some ability and spell descriptions. (Master's Call, for example)
  • Fixed issue where unarmed accuracy wasn't being shown properly in the accuracy breakdown.
  • Fixed problem where players were not being notified when a guest hireling leaves the Stronghold.
  • Keywords (such as Poison or Disease) have been added to ability tooltips and affliction descriptions that require them.
  • Fixed problem where a stack of food would drop if you attempted to feed Devil of Caroc the food. The proper use case is that she cannot eat the food, but the stack should not be dropped.
  • Bestiary percentage notifications in the combat log are always green now.
  • Items can no longer be dropped on the paperdoll from the stash if it's forbidden. For example, you cannot drop food from the stash on a player's portrait.
  • Spells and abilities that have bounces now properly communicate that information in their descriptions.
  • Added an action icon on party portraits and an option for it (default on).
  • Fixed world map button icon not depressing in the Area Map.
  • Adra Beetles no longer render on the Area Map.
  • Fixed problem where icons on a trapped container incorrectly displayed a looting icon.
  • Added an ingredients filter to store UI.
  • Fixed a bug where Stronghold log dates and times would show up incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where Resolve was not calculating Deflection correctly due to a rounding error.
  • Reformatted the action bar so that abilities are split up by usage.
  • Fixed some issues with summoning spell description formatting.
  • Expanding entries in stronghold UI lists now works when clicking anywhere instead of on the little arrow.
  • When opening the stronghold UI, the report for the last completed adventure will automatically show.
  • Changes to some Chanter Phrases so their effects will collapse properly in the UI.
  • Stronghold adventures in UI can now expand if they have long descriptions.
  • Ability descriptions will use a special line when different targets duplicate the same effect text.
  • Debuffed and buffed values in ability descriptions now use different colors.
  • Added "if successful" as a prefix to secondary attack effects in the inspect UI
  • Changed Ctrl+Drag to deselect instead of add to selection.
  • Arcane Veil piercing attacks are now identified in descriptions.
  • You can now see the full breakdown of Defenses in the Character Sheet by mousing over them.
  • Added damage threshold breakdowns to the Character Sheet and Inventory.
  • Steam Keyboard should now be integrated for those that are playing the game with Steam controllers.
  • Fixed some animal companion character sheet errors.
  • Text in Character Sheet now formats correctly after changing text sizes.
  • Weapon Specialization damage multipliers now work in the damage breakdown.
  • Added immunities and resistances to character tooltips.
  • Added level scaling information to the tooltips for scaled values.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fighter's abilities could be listed as Barbarian in Character Creation.
  • Item mods with effects that are complicated to display now have a name with a link to the mod in a new window.
  • Immunities are now hidden in Expert mode.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden loot stashes would sometimes highlight before they were discovered.
  • Passive status effects with durations now show on the party bar.

Pillars of Eternity - The White March Part 2 - Story Teaser 0:55 Pillars of Eternity - The White March Part 2 - Story Teaser

Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part 2 - Screenshots ansehen


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