Sacred 2: Ice & Blood - Community-Patch 1.20 zum Download

Das Community-Update 1.20 für das Action-Rollenspiel Sacred 2: Ice & Blood behebt weitere Questbugs, schraubt an der Balance und nimmt kleinere Grafikverbesserungen vor.

von Christian Fritz Schneider,
10.05.2011 13:03 Uhr

Offiziellen Support zum Action-Rollenspiel Sacred 2: Ice & Bloodgibt es schon lange nicht mehr, doch dafür engagieren sich die Fans des Spiels umso mehr. Das jüngste Ergebnis ist eine neue Version des Community-Patches für Sacred 2: Ice & Blood. Wie beim früheren Fan-Update muss das Originalspiel auch diesmal mindestens auf die Version 2.65.x gepatcht sein, bevor das neue Update aufgespielt werden kann. Neben den Verbesserungen der früheren Version liefert Patch 1.20 nun Verbesserungen im Bereich Grafik, Balance, Gegner und Quests.

Patch-Notes zu Sacred 2: Ice & Blood v1.20 (Community Patch)


  • Removed the mysterious Respawn-Stone from the northeast swamp coast. (No function)
  • Lots of misspellings corrected.


  • Fixed a minor problem which caused some textures to glow intensely.
  • Dryads Barkskin Buff was improved optically. (removed the fly-shit syndrome)
  • The Sopor Aethernis Set got some additional graphic tidbits.

Enemies and Bosses

  • Champion skeleton mages of the Undead Legion now give more EXP than normal ones.
  • The spirit of last years xmas earned a prolonged regtime on his summoning spell for his continued bad behaviour.

Sets and Items

  • The shoulders of the lordaeron set now drop as often as the rest.
  • Fixed a bonus on the sword of the virtues of the seraphim set that caused the sockets to randomize.
  • The Belt of T-energy now correctly grants a bonus on t-energy lore instead of technics lore.
  • The famous Garnments of Mutation can now be found a little more often.
  • Implemented a new legendary 2H sword (SW).


  • Temple guardians now have access to ancient magic.


  • Timed Killquests "Hunting Fever" and "Master of Hunting" series - Timer moved from quest to script
  • Player will be cheered during these timed quests.
  • Heavy overhaul of the new and many old quests because of savegame problems.
  • Oculus Mechanicus - Jana in Thylysium is no longer a valid target of the quest.
  • Past Mistakes - Player will be teleported back after accomplishing the quest.
  • DeMordreys guards become normal soldiers after the player once killed DeMordrey.
  • Books of the Gods - Descriptions of appearances match the statues.

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