Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter - Nächster Steam-Patch verfügbar

Der Update-Reigen beim Weltraum-Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter geht weiter. Die Entwickler haben einen neuen Patch über die Online-Plattform Steam veröffentlicht. Hier sind die Details.

Sword of the Stars 2 wird derzeit alle paar Tage mit neuen Patches beliefert. Sword of the Stars 2 wird derzeit alle paar Tage mit neuen Patches beliefert.

Das Weltraum-Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winterhat seit dem Release über Steam am 28. Oktober 2011 mit Problemen zu kämpfen. So unangenehm das für bisherige Kunden ist, immerhin geloben die Entwickler Besserungund liefern fleißig Updates nach. Nun wurde erneut innerhalb von wenigen Tagen ein Patch für Sword of the Stars II veröffentlicht. Das Update soll eine Reihe kritischer Fehler beheben, fügt aber auch neue Funktionen hinzu. Die Original-Patchinfos lesen Sie im Folgenden.

Patch-Notes für Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter (r18092b)

Critical fixes

  • Fixed a crash in multiplayer that could be caused by players creating new provinces.
  • Many changes have been made to the combat AI including the introduction of a hierarchical task system. Combat AI can now set up patrol positions, scouts and will engage in new maneuvering behaviors to mix things up.
  • Fixed bugs in the combat AI that were preventing it from attacking colonies and ignoring other nearby objectives.
  • Game transfer to players joining multiplayer games is no longer excessively throttled. This will make joining multiplayer games much faster in most cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the strategic AI was not correctly allocating fleets to missions.
  • Fixed an issue where placing a station to construct would immediately subtracts a large sum of savings, most notable with the Hiver Naval Station.
  • Patched a very rare crash that could occur when creating a new game.

Other fixes

  • Fixed some station collision geometry issues.
  • Fixed some incorrectly identified nodes on station art.
  • Fixed materials on Hiver IOBM's.
  • Fixed bug where change to end turn button delay would not occur until a new turn.
  • Specters no longer pursue drones and other fast battle riders.
  • Fixed a UI bug where launching battle riders would not work for all selected units.
  • Added missing Auxilliary Fission and Fusion engine section modules.
  • Rewrote star map selection code to fix various selection bugs and inconsistencies.
  • Fixed tech unlocking in Encycolopedia.
  • Fixed errors with right click menu and stopped menu from focusing.
  • Removed unintentional sensor range cap on fleet movement.
  • Relocation missions will now only be available at systems in which you have a colony.
  • Reduced savings cost of Human Polytechnic Institute from 10-million to 1-million.
  • Fixed a tech tree issue where Fusion Cannons might not be available when they should.
  • Fixed incorrect tech requirement for Heavy Fusion Cannon.
  • Fixed bug where planet list was not showing up for surveyed system.
  • Fixed an issue where MIRV warheads would slow down dramatically just before contacting the target.
  • Fixed an issue where the specters could intermittently stop moving during combat.
  • Fixed a visual issue where the energry meter in combat was reporting the wrong value.

Other changes

  • Added new star map: Small Disc.
  • Added fleet summary dialog, which can be accessed in the button row at the top of the star map.

Key known issues

  • The ship in the weapons test arena has been known to stop firing after combat engagements in networked play.
  • The fleet summary button on the star map is appearing with the same icon as the fleet manager button.

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