Team Fortress 2 - Neuer Patch behebt Server-Crash

Der jüngste Patch für den Multiplayer-Shooter Team Fortress 2 behebt unter anderem einen Server-Crash.

Der Entwickler Valve hat einen weiteren Patch für den Multiplayer-Shooter Team Fortress 2 veröffentlicht. Das Update steht ab sofort via Steam zum Download bereit und wird beim nächsten Spielstart automatisch installiert. Unter anderem wird ein Problem behoben, das beim Rauswerfen eines Spielers zum Absturz des Servers führen konnte. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für Team Fortress 2

  • Added check to prevent control characters from user-provided item names and descriptions (replaced with spaces).
  • Fixed a control point bug where players could capture points that were already owned by their team.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by kicking a player that isn't fully connected.
  • Fixed Spies being able to destroy sappers using the "destroy" command.
  • Fixed Engineers being able to destroy sapped buildings by issuing the command directly in the console.
  • Fixed an issue where team colored hats were showing up improperly when previewing the Team Spirit paint on them.
  • Fixed an issue where SourceTV clients were seeing their local player/duel stats in the scoreboard.
  • Updated the player_hurt event to always set "damageamount" even if the attacker is the world (falling damage).

Updated items

  • Many hats have had their appearance while painted improved. Paintable hats should now appear less like solid blobs of color and retain more of the character and texture of the hat.
  • Integrated several improvements to contributed items provided by their authors.
  • Made the following items paintable: Sergeant’s Drill Hat, Pyro’s Beanie, “Dangeresque, Too?”, Whiskered Gentleman, Safe’n’Sound, Trophy Belt, Frenchman’s Beret, Camera Beard, Max’s Severed Head, Alien Swarm Parasite, Ellis’ Cap, and the Horrific Headsplitter.
  • Sam & Max items and the Portal 2 Pin are now Gift Wrappable.

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