The Forest - Läuft nach Update auf Unity 5

Der Entwickler Endlight Games hat das Update 0.16 für das Survival-Spiel The Forest veröffentlicht. Damit wurde unter anderem der Sprung auf die Unity-Engine 5 vollzogen.

von Andre Linken,
20.04.2015 13:33 Uhr

Das neue Update 0.16 für The Forest vollzieht den Sprung auf die Unity-Engine 5. Das neue Update 0.16 für The Forest vollzieht den Sprung auf die Unity-Engine 5.

Ab sofort steht das Update 0.16 für das Survival-Spiel The Forest zum Download bereit. Dies hat der Entwickler Endlight Games jetzt auf der offiziellen Steam-Webseite bekannt gegeben.

Der Höhepunkt dieses Updates ist wohl der Sprung auf die Unity-Engine 5 und der die damit verbundene Verbesserung der Grafik. So konnte das Team die alten Shader entfernen und durch modernere Versionen ersetzen. Hinzu kommt ein neuer Ozean-Shader sowie die Einführung von neuen Baummodellen. Außerdem haben die Entwickler den Netzwerkcode von The Forest überarbeitet, was letztendlich zu einer Optimierung des Multiplayer-Gameplays führen soll.

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Hinzu kommen noch diverse Bugfixes sowie die Überarbeitung des Tierverhaltens. Die vollständigen Patch-Notes finden Sie unterhalb dieser Meldung.

Patch-Notes für The Forest v0.16

  • New options menu setting ‘Render Type’ will allow you to switch between new deferred renderer(recommended for modern computers) and Legacy renderer (recommended for older computers)
  • Full pbr shaders on all items.
  • Reworked most textures to fit new lighting.
  • Reflection probes added.
  • New ocean shader (work in progress)
  • Better bow aiming - sight added to bow. bow tracks better with camera view when aiming up and down. Looks better now when viewed by another player
  • Animals will now attempt to dodge trees, obstacles and other animals
  • Fixed rebreather’s air resetting to 0 after loading a saved game (Multiplayer)
  • Reworked the network prioritization algorithm to provide more relevant updates of remote entities to players (Smoother, less jittery enemies)
  • Upgrade balance: Inverted bonus curve, it now goes from small (10%) to big (100%)
  • Fixed booze upgrades still not showing up for some weapons
  • Added a small outline to chat text to make it visible in bright lighting conditions
  • Fixed issue preventing to lock floors/roofs on multiple walls on the same height level
  • Grabber system now turned off when in in inventory/book/pause menu or while placing a building (ie, placing a building near water will no longer trigger drinking)
  • New snapping grid gizmo to help with manual placing of experimental floors & roofs (tip shows the current lock position and is big enough to be seen from either side of a wall)
  • Experimental Roofs now snap back to closest edge on current support (ie the wall you’re putting it on)
  • Goose simulator added. Geese will now fly between lakes and swim around acting like geese
  • Fixed Bon Fire not lightable
  • Fixed flying food on rock fire pit
  • Fixed burn lizard scale
  • Added generic meat burnt
  • Fixed drying generic meat
  • Fixed Treehouse + Treehouse Chalet floor not buildable
  • Deer will now drink at lakes
  • Fixed issue where deer would run right through trees!
  • Dead birds now have a chance of spawning feathers when hit
  • Revamped cooking to allow eating burnt food but with far lesser gain
  • Player will now see himself briefly dragged away into a cave when knocked out but not killed.
  • New art added: Improved airline foodcart
  • Fixed bug where climbing rope for first time would sometimes cause it to release right after climbing
  • New trees!
  • New bark and leaf types.
  • New billboard system with lit billboards and rotation
  • Unity 5 reflection probe system added
  • New clouds/sky
  • All shaders switched to use new unity pbr
  • Dirtied up and improved regular enemy textures
  • New pbr skin shader!
  • In game controls remapping, both in Title & Main scene options
  • Falling particle leaves now accumulate on ground
  • Fixed logs flying up into air when trees were cut
  • Fixed physics on some trees not colliding with terrain when falling
  • New art added: dead small trunk
  • Graphics options: added rendering patch selection
  • Graphics options: added new setting to turn off sunshine occlusion
  • Graphics options: added new setting to tune Level of Detail
  • Graphics options: SSAO setting now also changes sample count
  • Graphics Settings now properly show the saved preset name after restarting the game
  • Graphics Settings: Renamed “Laptop” level to “Ultra Low”
  • Fixed survival book entries not clickable on occasion
  • New art added: new version of plane food! plane tray, styrofoam cups and trays
  • New bushes- replaced 2 of the worst looking bushes with new type
  • New lake shader added! reflective and with murkiness
  • New dead trees!
  • Better textures and models, and now all cuttable!
  • Better shark ragdoll Jump animation added to player
  • New combat move - Flying axe attack. Attack downwards with axe while jumping to perform a powerful ground chop.
  • When falling from high up, player will briefly stumble to his hands and knees
  • You can now cook arms and legs (and … eat them - but you probably shouldnt)
  • Dead trees replaced and now cuttable!
  • New log type for buildings that matches carried log (audio)
  • New player sounds! (audio)
  • New female skinny audio!
  • New blueberry bushes!
  • New multiplayer octree based priority calculation
  • New art: Re-done plane seats
  • Fish and sharks are now also in multiplayer games!
  • Touch bending grass added! enemies, rabbits, animals and player will now slightly rustle the grass as they move through it (this is a first pass at this, next version will include better bending)
    You can now climb fishing stands
  • Experimental Walls now block AIs (mutant & animals) from going through it
  • Fixed fire particles staying up after cutting down a burning tree
  • New world art: cliff wall variations.
  • Lighter now stays equipped when exiting/entering ropes
  • Added some additional optimizations and memory tweaks for 32bit machines that have less than 4gigs of usable ram
  • Fixed molotov fire never shutting down

The Forest - Gameplay-Trailer zum Survival-Spiel mit Monsterhorden 2:00 The Forest - Gameplay-Trailer zum Survival-Spiel mit Monsterhorden

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