Titanfall 2 - DLC »Angel City’s Most Wanted« ist da, Patch-Notes

Respawn Entertainment hat den DLC »Angel City’s Most Wanted« für den Shooter Titanfall 2 veröffentlicht. Darin ist unter anderem das Map-Remake »Angel City« enthalten. Wir haben die Patch-Notes und ein Gameplay-Video.

Titanfall 2 - Map-Remake »Angel City« im Gameplay-Trailer Video starten 1:28 Titanfall 2 - Map-Remake »Angel City« im Gameplay-Trailer

Der Entwickler Respawn Entertainment hat Wort gehalten und jetzt den kostenlosen DLC »Angel City's Most Wanted« für den Shooter Titanfall 2 veröffentlicht.

Darin ist unter anderem das Remake um das Remake der Map »Angel City« emthalten, die bereits in Titanfall 1 zu finden war. Jedoch haben bisher nur Vorbesteller von Titanfall 2 Zugriff auf die neue Karte, während sich alle anderen Spieler noch bis zum 3. Dezember 2016 gedulden müssen.

Waffen und Ingame-Shop

Des Weiteren umfasst »Angel City’s Most Wanted« eine Wingman-Elite-Pistole, mehrere Customization-Kits zur individuellen Gestaltung der Titans sowie ein FAQ-Menü. Außerdem führt Respawn Entertainment einen Ingame-Store ein, wo die Spieler für echtes Geld kosmetische Verbesserungen kaufen können. Dazu zählen unter zwei sogenannte Prime Titans mit jeweils einem exklusiven Chassis, was sich jedoch nicht auf das Spielgeschehen auswirken soll.

Unterhalb dieser Meldung finden Sie die vollständigen Patch-Notes. Oberhalb gibt es einen Trailer von Titanfall 2, der Ihnen einige Gameplay-Szenen von der Map »Angel City« zeigt. Übrigens findet an diesem Wochenende ein kostenloses Testwochenende für den Multiplayer-Part von Titanfall 2 statt - ideal, um die neue Map ausgiebig zu testen.

Patch-Notes für Titanfall 2

New Content (FREE)

New Map: We are welcoming Angel City to Titanfall 2 with a 24/7 playlist, meaning if you just want to play Angel City all day and night you can!

  • Playlist will be a mix of Attrition / Bounty Hunt / Amped Hardpoint.
  • We will keep it up as long as it remains popular.
  • Angel City will also be added to the map rotation for other playlists.

New Titan Kits:

RONIN: Phase Reflex

  • When doomed, Ronin phases out of danger.

NORTHSTAR: Threat Optics

  • Enemies are highlighted while zooming in.

SCORCH: Scorched Earth

  • Flame Core ignites the ground, leaving thermite in its wake.

LEGION: Hidden Compartment

  • Power Shot has two charges

TONE: Burst Loader

  • Aiming allows the 40mm to store up to 3 shots to burst fire.

ION: Refraction Lens

  • Splitter Rifle splits 5 ways.

New Weapon "Wingman Elite" pistol

  • A modified version of the classic Wingman pistol.

New Pilot Execution "Inner Pieces"

  • Phase Shift into an enemy and… it doesn't go well for them.

New Content [Things you can buy]

Scorch and Ion Prime Titans:

  • Stand out with fresh new looks and executions!

Titan Art Packs:

  • Customize your Titan with five new Nose Arts and an exclusive Warpaint skin. Each of the 6 Multiplayer Titans have their own art pack available.

Callsign Pack:

  • Includes instant access to 20 new and exclusive Callsigns Banners and 10 Callsign Patches.

Camo Pack:

  • Includes 20 new and exclusive Camos that can be applied to every Titan, Titan Weapon, Pilot, and Pilot Weapon.

New Features:

  • Added FOV slider to console, increased FOV maximum to 110 on all platforms.
  • PS4 streaming for Networks: PS4 users who are streaming will have a new icon next to them, other users can hit a button to view the stream.
  • Better mod tools for Networks: Mods can now mute people for the whole room and change the room voice mode to be mods-only.
  • You can now toggle between having a 2D or 3D style damage indicator in the HUD options.
  • Added a new in-game store to purchase Prime Titans, Titan Art Packs, Callsign Pack, and Camo Pack. Please note, all purchasable items are cosmetic only and do not effect game balance.
  • New setting to adjust aiming/ADS sensitivity separate from hipfire sensitivity.
  • A new set of advanced & optional gamepad settings for fine adjustment of turn speeds, deadzones, response curves, and more.
  • Added Support for EA Access, Origin Access, and free Multiplayer Trials.
  • FAQ added to Multiplayer lobby. Your one-stop shop to learn the basics of Titanfall 2 multiplayer - includes in-game patch notes!
  • Modified matchmaking status display to fit longer text needed for some languages.
  • PC Only - Removed "Insane" texture quality and replaced with "Max". No reduction in visual quality for those with enough VRAM, but will reduce hitches when streaming in textures.
  • Display Callsigns for the top 3 players per match during post match scoreboard.
  • Increased likelihood of finding Nessie easter egg in [redacted] mission that no one has found yet. Or did we?
  • Multiplayer Stats menu added to view player stats history. Please note that stats have been tracked since day 1.

Balance Changes:

  • Killing Auto Titans will now count towards killing sprees and contribute to towards Camo unlocks.
  • Fixed Bounty Titan scoring in Bounty Hunt.
  • Grapple will now detach after melee hit even if person melee'ed lives.
  • Ronin's Phase Dash and Phase Reflex now removes Tone's Lock-On markers.
  • Attrition and Bounty Hunt - Reduced the amount of Core Meter earned by killing AI.
  • Adjustments to Northstar's Flight Core.
  • Overcore now starts your Titan Core meter at 30%.
  • Adjusted Viper Thrusters so that in addition to moving faster during Flight Core and Northstar now moves faster during Hover as well.
  • Adjusted Scorch's Tempered Plating damage reduction, and fixed issue with protecting against Fire Wall.
  • Adjusted weighting on map rotations.
  • Adjusted visibility of Cloak.
  • Firing your weapon will now also disable Cloak.
  • Additional balancing to Tone.
  • Titan kills properly award weapon assist stats to assisting players.
  • Tweaked parameters to reduce immediate reuse of spawn zones, but allow reusing them later in the match.
  • Connected a couple of spawn zone pairs in Crashsite.
  • Reduced chances of getting spawn camped.
  • Spawn zones are more fair in Bounty Hunt (equalizes distance to AI camps).

Bounty Hunt changes:

  • When an AI kills a player, that AI now receives half of that player's bonus.
  • Center bonus popup now shows bonus gained rather than total bonus
  • Rebalanced point distribution among waves so that second wave has a larger impact on the game overall.
  • Boss titans are now worth 500 points (was 600).
  • Reapers are now worth 100 points (was 50).
  • Stalkers are now worth 30 points (was 25).
  • Score bar now shows team's total unbanked bonus as a yellow portion of the score bar.
  • Modes that do not have Titans (such as Pilots vs Pilots, and Coliseum) no longer display the team titan status bar below their score bars.


  • Flatline - increased far and very far pilot damage
  • Volt - reduced pilot damage
  • R97 - increased pilot damage
  • Spitfire - increased pilot damage
  • L-Star - increased pilot damage
  • Double Take - increased damage
  • EPG - slight increase in splash damage; increased titan damage
  • Thunderbolt - increased pilot and titan direct hit damage

Bug Fixes:

  • Disabled the ability to earn Double XP during Private Matches.
  • PC Only - Fixed issue with Win10 users who were stuck with "Connecting to Respawn Servers…"
  • Fixed issue where assists were being counted as kills for weapons. Weapons will now also properly receive assist stats when assisting in killing Titans.
  • Fixed issue with bad spawns for Last Titan Standing on Exoplanet.
  • Fixed bug where game completion achievements were not being rewarded when playing the missions out of order.
  • Fixed bug where folks were crashing after grappling evac ship just before it's destroyed. Swing away!
  • Fixed issue on Blood and Rust where players were getting stuck in a death loop.
  • Fixed bug where players would appear to be stuck in ground during executions.
  • Fixed issues with collision for hardpoints and banks as well as mantling when jumping on staircases.
  • Fixed issue of not being able to tap and shoot Softball with Autosprint.
  • Fixed issue of Kraber shooting through bubble shields.
  • Fixed incorrect Pilot character sometimes showing in lobby on first game launch.
  • Fixed HUD ammo counter occasionally showing an incorrect amount when using the Devotion.
  • Fixed grapple not detaching if it was unsuccessfully trying to pull you downwards.
  • Fixed skin and camo arms not matching player camo when rodeoing
  • Various localization issues fixed.
  • Fixed Genned Factions not receiving Advocate Gifts - retroactively send any missed Advocate Gifts to affected users.
  • Fixed "New" indicator incorrectly staying on for the Banner and Patch menus.
  • PC Only - Various D3D bug and crash fixes
  • Fix melee hit detection to be more reliable.
  • Fixed issue with Titans not displaying loadout information properly.
  • Fixed bug where players could suicide with a cooked grenade and kill opponent without taking damage in Coliseum.
  • Fixed the grappling hook floating in the air if the grappled player dies. This also fixes some weird forward lunging after grapple melee.
  • Fixed grapple failing to detach from some objects the cord touched while you were grappling.

Titanfall 2 - Screenshots ansehen

Titanfall 2 - Testvideo zu Respawns Mech-Shooter Video starten 8:09 Titanfall 2 - Testvideo zu Respawns Mech-Shooter

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