Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - Nächster Patch bereits in Arbeit

Arkane Studios und Kuju Entertainment arbeiten bereits an einem neuen Patch für das Action-Rollenspiel Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. Das Update umfasst unter anderem den neuen Capture the Flag-Modus sowie einige Änderungen beim Schwierigkeitsgrad. Hier die vorläufige Feature-Liste:

- The “hard” difficulty setting of the game has been totally reworked and is now harder
- Global difficulty has been adjusted in the second half of the game to better reflect character evolution
- An intermediary texture details level has been implemented. As a result, the former “high” setting has been renamed to “very high”
- All major bugs have been fixed, except one that is still being tracked by the teams and will be fixed in the coming days

- New game mode: capture the flag
- New maps for capture the flag mode: CTF_1 and CTF_2
- All existing maps have been tweaked
- Introduced several options to tweak game setting for lower configs
- All classes have been tweaked for balance

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