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Major Fixes

-Fix crash in Deathtrack MP map with empty Team 3 slot
-Fixed Battle AI - armies not engaging enemies at close range.
-Fixed CTD when client attempts to join game that the host is ending.
-Fixed instances when A.I is passive on the campaign map and lets the user win on a campaign battle when stuck in-front of open gates.
-Fixed loop between the windows for 'Possible Connection Problems' and 'Really Quit?'
-Fixed AI: Calvary not charging a spearmen army in a Custom Battle.
-Fixed cavalry not attacking - instances when AI sieges a town with infantry and Calvary, if the infantry die and rout and the player still holds the city, the cavalry do not attack nor rout.
-Fixed passive Siege Attack AI
-Fixed Timurids crash (related to elephant artillery not having enough riders, CTD when trying to shoot)
-Fixed Siege Attack AI trying to attack the back of settlements.
-Fixed Passive attack AI
-Fixed Cavalry charge consistency and power. (Still raise and lower lances occasionally)
Added ModTool Unpacker
-Fixed Crash - Auto resolving a siege battle on Gaza and repeatedly Right - Clicking the settlement
-Fixed Merchant Resource value dropping after load/save
-Fixed CTD caused by Turks AI
-Fixed Cavalry not flanking spear walls
-Fixed AI not crossing river to attack (River Jordan)
-Reduced the effect of morale - enemy AI does not rout so easily
-Reduced the power of inquisitors
-Fixed 'move to point' crash
-MP Multinational support
-Fixed Cavalry sallying out and not attacking (bunching at corner of settlement)

Medium Level Fixes

-Fix construction crash when converting settlements when buildings relating to initial settlement existed in construction queue.
-Fixed Settlement still showing as under siege even though sieging army had been defeated.
-Fixed repeating missions
-Fixed indecisive infantry / broken formation (when ordered to a location they would head in the wrong direction first)
-Fixed being able to open gates with siege towers or embed them in walls
-Fixed victory video not always appearing
-Diplomacy - AI no longer counters an open proposition with a gift.
-Fixed deployment lines being rendered incorrectly around ambient buildings
-Fixed Enemy units remain stationary with flags flashing when ladders are thrown off a destroyed wall in a siege.
-Fixed the carroccio standard not fitting through gates
-Fixed gunpowder units being stuck reforming
-Fixed trebuchets disappearing and reappearing when zooming
-Tweaked morale system
-Partially fixed units moving through settlement buildings.
-Units now check if destination is in a building or not.
-Enabled command-line switch to allow unlimited soldiers (removes message)
-Fixed MP player-names being lost on battle results screen if they quit the battle early
-Fixed the ability for a user to 'buff' their assassin experience by continually assassinating different captains

Other Fixes

-Fix difficulty level in MP (Affects Morale). Previously defaulting to Normal.
-Fix lobby tooltip that showed incorrect unit sizes.
-Fix Florins display during diplomacy
-Fix Money field looping into negative/positive value when removing / adding money
-Fix overlapping and incorrectly sized deployment zones
-Fixed cut-off graphics in civil disorder message
-Fixed unclear 'Start Diplomacy' button functionality
-Fixed MP Admit Defeat button functionality
-Fixed missions showing as expired even though they have been completed
-Fixed mouse-overs showing incorrect diplomatic information
-Fixed minor FE Historical Battle error (shield remaining highlighted)
-Fixed MP team chat - colours now match recipient and sender.
-Fixed minor audio issue - Audio: Campaign Map when an English Spy is ordered to join an English army he triggers two "Joins_Army" speeches.
-Fixed minor audio issue - Campaign Map when an English Merchant is ordered to disembark a boat, two "Movement_Disembark" speeches are triggered.
-Fixed Mine income
-Fixed MP ignore/ban toggle permanently banning player from chat
-Fixed - Making an offer gives a blank scroll on the Diplomacy Scroll, but removing the offer gives the player help text
-Fixed Mouse Cursor not updating when over certain parts of the UI.
-Fixed miscalculation of some naval unit movement points.
-Fixed units not leaving an army when ordered to abandon it.
-Fixed 'Possible Connection Problems' message not appearing if user alt-tabs
-Fixed On campaign map, castles appear under 'town' or 'city' title on UI
-Fixed Reinforcements box remains greyed when the user deselects 'Attempt a night battle'
-Fixed double speed on units that should only go at one speed.
-Fixed Stakes not appearing correctly in weather conditions
-Fixed non-functional help button on ransom scrolls
-Fixed intro movies playing at x3 speed in Historical battles
-Fixed transfer army functionality - When transferring men the transfer resets after viewing the description
-Fixed Gunpowder units running forward when given targets.
-Fixed clumping units when they are told to do a 180 degree turn
-Fixed stuck Camera issues
-Fixed Fleeing units rallying at breached walls or gates of settlements they are attacking when they should not

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