Star Citizen - Arena Commander 1.0.3 veröffentlicht

Das Entwicklerstudio Cloud Imperium Games hat seiner Weltraum-Simulation Star Citizen ein neues Update für das Arena-Commander-Modul spendiert. Der Patch 1.0.3 bringt erneut diverse Fehlerbehebungen und Balancing-Anpassungen mit sich.

Das Arena-Commander-Modul in Star Citizen wurde aktualisiert. Die Version 1.0.3 bringt erneut diverse Fehlerbehebungen mit sich. Das Arena-Commander-Modul in Star Citizen wurde aktualisiert. Die Version 1.0.3 bringt erneut diverse Fehlerbehebungen mit sich.

Das Entwicklerstudio Cloud Imperium Games rund um den Wing Commander-Erfinder und Game-Designer Chris Roberts hat einen neuen Patch für die Weltraum-Simulation Star Citizen veröffentlicht. Das Update auf die Arena-Commander-Version 1.0.3 bringt zwar nicht allzu viele neue Inhalte und Features mit sich, fügt dem Gladius jedoch endlich Soundeffekte hinzu, bringt eine neue ballistische Waffe der Größe 3 (Gallenson Tactical Tarantula-870-Mk3) ins Spiel und nimmt Anpassungen am User-Interface vor.

Hinzu kommen Verbesserungen an den Reifentexturen des M50, diverse Balancing-Anpassungen und generelle Fehlerbehebungen bei den Raumschiffen, den Komponenten, der Steuerung und dem Gameplay.

Nachfolgend die kompletten Patchnotes zum jüngsten Arena-Commander-Update:

Star Citizen Patch v1.0.3



  • Added various Gladius audio
  • Updated textures for M50 tires


  • Added a new size 3 ballistic weapon: Gallenson Tactical Tarantula-870-Mk3

User Interface

  • Added a power throttle to the power management UI to make reducing ship signature easier (currently doesn't work)
  • Added back end support for improved disconnection messages



  • Replaced Avenger Suckerpunch cannons with CF-007 Laser Repeaters while Suckerpunch cannons are still being developed


  • Omnisky 3 recharge rate reduced
  • Omnisky 6 recharge rate reduced
  • KLWE Mass Driver heat generation increased
  • 60mm ammo mass increased
  • 60mm projectile speed increased
  • 60mm damage increased
  • 60mm energy damage reduced
  • Panther cooling rate increased
  • Tigerstreik ammo size changed to 25mm
  • Tigerstreik ammo box adjusted to hold 800 rounds
  • Increased rotational acceleration for all missiles
  • Slightly reduced the range at which all missiles can lock onto a target
  • Reduced the amount of noise chaff generates
  • Adjusted shield hit points to scale with component size and number of quadrants
  • Adjusted shield regen delay and time to fully recharge to scale with component size
  • Splash shields now allow a portion of direct fire to penetrate the shield barrier
  • Splash shields are absorbing more damage than intended
  • Direct Damage shields now allow a portion of splash damage to penetrate the shield barrier


  • Added a delay for when the next shot will be available if an energy weapon runs dry
  • Increased collision for the characters head to match the size of the head
  • Lateral G system will now cause diminishing returns if player doesn't allow pilot full recovery before engaging lateral G's again



  • Aurora CL ES LX ER - Weapons equipped to the wing hard points will now cool-down and recharge
  • Auroras will now have shields when using the new shield generators
  • Adjusted thrusters on the Avenger so that its deceleration is similar to its acceleration
  • Avenger thruster effects are no longer green
  • Fixed an issue that was causing character to incorrectly attach to the Gladius when sitting in the cockpit
  • Arena commander menu will no longer appear when sitting in the back seat of a Super Hornet
  • Adjusted materials so that broken m50 cockpit glass doesn't hamper visibility as much
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Cutlass wing hatch from being interacted with
  • Cutlass hardpoints will now show green bubbles if weapon mounts are removed
  • Fixed g-force animation system that was incorrectly transforming the g-force vector and causing characters to lean in the wrong direction


  • Fixed issue where ship paint components were telling the ship status HUD to show them when equipped
  • Vanduul energy weapons should now act like they are energy weapons


  • Fixed an issue where the game would fail to detect input when slowly moving a joystick
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Joysticks to stay 'awake' when not in use
  • Constant lateral acceleration values will no longer cause cumulative buildup of G pressure

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the 'press x when ready' to be invisible for Vanduul Swarm Coop
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players persistently moving around in a lobby will cause their ship selections to overlap


  • Removed misplaced invisible collision in Aeroview Hangar
  • Fixed some backwards warning labels in the Aeroview Hangar
  • Patched up some small holes in the Aeroview hangar geometry
  • Fixed some visible one sided geometry in the Self Land Hangar
  • Fixed some graphics that were popping in and out in the Self Land Hangar
  • Fixed some flickering textures in the VFGIndustrial Hangar
  • Fixed some graphics that were popping in and out in the VFG Industrial Hangar

Other issues

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the matchmaking system to bottleneck at high population values

Known Issues:


  • All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
  • Several ships are having radar visibility issues due to the helmet blocking the view
  • 300 series are missing their starboard cooling components
  • 350r will sometimes spawn with damaged components
  • Aurora intakes aren't displaying paint
  • Aurora CL is not showing G-force animations for the character
  • Some parts of the nose section for the Avenger are not taking damage
  • Mustang Beta can have one of the doors in the cabin float above it if it's used
  • Cutlass isn't attaching its Trireme thrusters for its default loadout (they can be added in the holotable)
  • Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
  • Freelancer Main Thrusters are missing


  • User folder issues can cause weapon ammunition to go missing as well as other ship component malfunctions
  • MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Cannon - Misnamed as MaxOx NP-14 Neutron Cannon
  • Rattler Cluster missile second stage rockets will all use the same trajectory
  • Missiles aren't inheriting velocity from the ship that launches them
  • Seal Corporation damage effect displays incorrectly when equipped on an Aurora
  • Seal Corporation shield generators will not be visible when equipped to Hornets


  • Vanduul missiles are skipping their flight phase in Coop Vanduul Swarm which prevents a missile warning from being shown and results in the missile teleporting to the targets face
  • Using HOMAS or TrackIR whilst using Target Focus causes the players head to shake and move uncontrollably

User Interface

  • Lag pips will drop out with increased distance depending on how quickly a ship is approaching their target (only happens within a few hundred meters)
  • Shield hardpoint in the holotable is too small for Mustangs and 300 series
  • Shield component on the Aurora ship status HUDis too large
  • Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
  • Multiple in game items are missing text and are displaying their internal names
  • Paint objects in the holotable are placeholders
  • Loading back into a lobby will reset the ship selection to its default (sometimes this doesn't happen visually but still happens on the backend)
  • Power throttle doesn't work

Other issues

  • Character will sometimes spawn with the helmet on backwards

Star Citizen befindet sich derzeit noch in der Crowd-Funding-Phase und demnach liegt demnach noch in einer frühen und unfertigen Version vor, zu der nur Unterstützer des Projekts Zugang haben. Das Projekt wird regelmäßig durch neue Module erweitert, die sich nach und nach zu einem kompletten Spiel zusammenfügen. Im Frühjahr 2015 wird etwa die Beta-Version des Shooter-Parts von Star Citizen erscheinen. Im selben Zeitraum wollen die Entwickler auch die Planeten-Beta an den Start bringen. Im Sommer wird dann die Version 2.0 von Arena Commander folgen, die unter anderem eine Multiplayer-Crew ermöglicht.

Im Herbst feiert die erste Episode der Singleplayer-Kampagne »Squadron 42« ihre Premiere. Sollte alles nach Plan verlaufen, erscheint gegen Ende des Jahres 2015 die Alpha-Version des persistenten Universums für die »Backer« von Star Citizen - also die finanziellen Unterstützer der Crowd-Funding-Kampagne. Konkrete Termine wird das Team aber erst in den nächsten Monaten bekannt gegeben.

Der kommerzielle Release von Star Citizen ist dann für 2016 vorgesehen.

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