Sword of the Stars 2 - Neuer Patch über Steam veröffentlicht

Ein weiteres Update für das Weltraum-Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter wurde über Steam veröffentlicht und geht Fehler an.

Der Patch-Marathon um Sword of the Stars 2geht weiter. Wieder ist die Liste der Änderungen dabei recht lang geworden, was beim aktuellen Zustand des Spiels sicher kein schlechtes Zeichen ist. Die Verbesserungen reichen vom Beheben von Absturzursachen bis zu Verbesserungen bei der KI, der Grafik, Benutzeroberfläche und der Balance. Auch eine neue Starmap hat es ins Spiel geschafft. Alle Änderungen lesen Sie im Folgenden.

Patch-Notes für Sword of the Stars 2 (r18221b)

Critical Fixes

  • Improved turn times, especially for games with a large number of systems or players.
  • Fixed an issue in combat that was preventing players or AI from issuing waypoints for ships.
  • Fixed a crash the could occur when issuing orders to a ship with no crew.
  • Fixed a crash when entering combat with a beam-equipped planet.
  • Fixed an rare crash when entering combat that could be caused by destroyed turrets.
  • Fixed a combat AI crash related to ship formations.
  • Fixed a potential lock-up at the end of combat.
  • Initial pass at Diplomacy mechanics and interface.
  • Treaty and Declare War options are now available in the diplomacy screen.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed minor issues with the players list in the lobby.
  • Fixed a server browser issue where more players than the max allowable would be displayed for a game.
  • Fixed known issues with combat AI not detecting enemy ships.
  • Fixed known issues where AI controlled ships could get stuck navigating around planets.
  • Fixed an issue where AI ships could fly into planets when performing fly-by maneuvers.
  • Combat AI will now attempt to lead targets when in pursuit instead of lagging behind.
  • Fixed minor issues with the Von Neumann Collector AI.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing combat AI from listening to defense objectives.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Protean AI that would cause Proteans to venture too far from their planets in pursuit of targets.
  • Protean AI will now engage multiple targets.
  • Scattered AI task groups will now attempt to regroup when they get too scattered.
  • Civilian ships will now attempt to evade enemies unless they are the only ships left in combat.
  • Randomized AI patrol directions.
  • Fixed intermittent bug where ships in weapon test would not fire after a round of multiplayer combat.
  • Fixed an issue where a ship coming into combat with a dead module or turret would still get benefits of that module or turret.
  • Fixed a number of turret errors (placed inside ship, placed backwards, etc.)
  • Fixed Torpedo and Barrage ship sections to remove possibility of accidental torpedo imapacts when firing.
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed ship sections were coming into combat with modules and weapons.
  • Fixed the issue where unlocked Steam achievements were not being published. The game will post all currently unlocked achievements the first a players starts it after the update.
  • Fixed the issue where the steam overlay was not available in many cases.
  • Ships now drop out of overthrust when they reach their destination.
  • Ships awaiting docking of riders will now slow to 50% speed during the process.
  • Overthrust now prevents the launching of riders, and ships now recall riders before going in to overthrust.
  • Fixed a number of log file spam issues.
  • The System Killer will no longer run into stations.
  • Fixed bug where design name would be different than default if no name was entered.
  • Restricted prototypes to their own build orders.
  • Changed design display style and added delete buttons to items.
  • Made fleet summary button disable on end turn.
  • Added fleet summary dialog.
  • Added skills to initial admirals.
  • Added tooltips to admiral traits in admiral manager.
  • Removed preferred fleet icon from various places where it should not show up.
  • Ship prototypes are now class-specific.
  • Constrained drone turret arcs.
  • Ballistic weapons now only collide with deflectors and graviton shields.
  • Energy weapons now only collide with disruptor and meson shields.
  • Increased costs of technologies by about 20-30% in general.
  • Many minor tweaks to weapons.
  • Various minor weapon and ship section art fixes.
  • A loading screen is thrown up when transitioning back to the main menu.
  • Drone designs no longer get random faction names.
  • Fixed build order removal.
  • Locust menaces are now implemented.
  • Fixed an issue where muzzle node scaling was doing odd things to weapon effects.
  • Fixed an issue where some beams were firing backwards due to negative scaling factors.
  • Fixed an issue where idle animations were not playing in the weapon test screen.
  • Fixed an issue where ricochects were no longer occurring.
  • Fixed missing module icona and descriptions.
  • Added module information display classes
  • Fixed bug in battle manager when entering with both your own and enemy colonies in the system
  • Added module information display to build screen
  • Introduced new color scheme for build items.
  • Fixed a bug where players from previous games could show up in the diplomacy screen for subsequent games.

Other Changes

  • By popular request, a SotS1 Human avatar makes it's return.
  • Added turret viewing filters to the design screen.
  • Rotation of the ship in the design screen is now constrained to a single axis.
  • Added more obvious differentiation between prototyped and non prototyped designs.
  • Added color coding to admiral trait display in admiral manager.
  • Diamond icons now show up for ships at a distance in combat.
  • It is now possible to configure options for ship sections in the design screen.
  • Weapons can now be configured on ships in the design screen by clicking points on the ship model as well as the icon itself.
  • Added tutorial pop-up for Diplomacy screen.
  • It is now possible to scrap ships by clicking the trash can icons.
  • Selected design weapons are now displayed in the build screen.
  • Improved module selection in the design screen.
  • Added new star map: Jax.

Key known issues

  • Default options are not being enforced in the design screen.
  • Scrapping ships does not yet yield bonuses.
  • AI is not assigning design options correctly.
  • When playing in singlelayer mode with the end turn delay, UI elements do not get locked out between turns.
  • The game is not allowing alien habitation modules to be constructed even after encountering other players.
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