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  • A larger download will be required for Y5S4 due to a data consolidation.
  • This is to save disk space, reduce overall build size, and improve loading times for players.
  • Below you will find the download sizes for each platform. - PC: 60-87GB - Series X: 3.2GB - Xbox One: 35.9GB - PS4: 35.9GB - PS5: 5.38GB



Defuser Pickup

  • The defuser pick up interaction that was introduced during the 3.3 update has been deactivated. The defuser prompt will be available later on in Season 4.
  • Auto-pickup, when walking over the defuser, is still active.

Explosion Haze

  • Explosion haze will be removed from all maps with Y5S4.0 to ensure consistency and reliability, which is not achieved with the current haze system.

Muffled Sounds - Low Health

  • Muffled sounds when players are low in health have been toned down. Players will find themselves at less of a disadvantage in these situations.



  • FIXED - Players are unable to start Training Grounds through matchmaking.
  • FIXED - Exploit that allowed players to overwrite the game mode, rules, or map in matchmade games.
  • FIXED - Player can lose control of their character at the end of a round.
  • FIXED - Several functionality issues present when picking up or attempting to detonate a Nitro Cell.
  • FIXED - Various matchmaking capabilities when finding another match after a match cancellation and when the player joins a match in progress.
  • FIXED - Players are able to see the opposing team before joining the match.
  • FIXED - Deployable gadgets' colliders don't rotate with player perspective.
  • FIXED - Sticky gadgets are bouncing off of bulletproof gadgets.
  • FIXED - All players in a game are experiencing FPS drops when a player spins in a specific location on some maps.


  • FIXED - Bomb asset has a minor gap visible on all maps.
  • FIXED - Teamkills with RFF disabled will take effect on the first map with RFF enabled.
  • FIXED - Various map asset destruction issues.
  • FIXED - Audio issues are present on various maps.
  • FIXED - Inconsistent vault prompts found on several maps.
  • FIXED - Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps.
  • FIXED - Gadget deployment issues found on multiple maps.
  • FIXED - Lighting and mesh issues visible on various maps.
  • FIXED - Collision issues present on several different maps.


  • FIXED - Ability to use a shield to vault onto the counter in the Piano Room on Chalet map.
  • FIXED - Glass cannot be properly destroyed in the fridge and cigar cabinet on Chalet map.
  • FIXED - Operator's legs clip through all the stone walls that surround B Backyard Stairs on Chalet map.


  • FIXED - LOS issues on Clubhouse map from 1F Garage to Eastern Sub-roof.


  • FIXED - A multitude of LOD issues are present on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Multiple graphic errors can be seen on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Several items can be seen floating on Skyscraper map in specific circumstances.
  • FIXED - Several items on Skyscraper map are unbreakable.
  • FIXED - Various clipping and visual gaps on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Kanji appearing on a Bathroom poster should read ? ? ? on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - MVP screen brightness makes player names unreadable on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Spawn issues present for Operators, Hostages, and enemies on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Player can navigate onto a window frame in 2F Geisha and have an exploitable line of sight on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - When set to other languages, English language is still displayed for 1F Bedroom Closet on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Drones can get stick or fall out of bounds at multiple locations on Skyscraper map.
  • FIXED - Missing bomb at 1F Bathroom site on Skyscraper map.


  • FIXED - Defenders are able to place certain deployable gadgets on bombs.
  • FIXED - Melee debris and decals sometimes appear before the hit animation.
  • FIXED - Various clipping and minor animation issues for operator weapons and gear.
  • FIXED - Melee/knife speed is faster than it should be.
  • FIXED - Reticle dot/crosshair issues present with several Operator devices.
  • FIXED - Minor overlay animation issues for Operators and their gadgets.
  • FIXED - Various issues where it is possible to deploy gadgets on top of one another.


  • FIXED - Ace's SELMA is affected by electricity when thrown in a hole covered by electricity. SELMA may fail to detonate a second time.


  • FIXED - Aruni's melee attack does not break certain surfaces and windows.
  • FIXED - Surya Gate will not destroy certain gadgets when placed on a destructible wall.
  • FIXED - Aruni doesn't rotate properly in third person when deploying Surya Gate.
  • FIXED - Aruni has a greater melee distance than the other operators.
  • FIXED - Surya Gate can be picked up while overloading or when it's overloaded.


  • FIXED - If Castle's Armor Panel takes melee damage in the same spot near either side of the door frame, a gap will be present.


  • FIXED - Echo's Yokai drone can become indestructible when attached to a ceiling.
  • FIXED - Yokai potentially loses SFX while attached to the ceiling if the game is left in the background using ALT-TAB on a PC.


  • FIXED - Hibana aims weapon sight down automatically when activating pellets.
  • FIXED - Various functionality and visual issues that occur when using Hibana's X-Kairos.


  • FIXED - Visual effects of IQ's Electronics Detector are not visible further than 15 M away.
  • FIXED - IQ is missing the Razor Holo scope available on their 552 Commando weapon.


  • FIXED - Electronics Detector wave effect is still present on Kaid's disabled Electroclaw.


  • FIXED - The LV-Lance's spike is passing through a Deployable Shield like it does for a soft wall.


  • FIXED - It is possible to destroy an Evil Eye when it is placed on destructible surfaces.


  • FIXED - Several functionality issues with Montagne's shield and guard breaking.


  • FIXED - Mozzie's Pest Launcher will not capture a drone when another is within range but out of sight.


  • FIXED - Oryx occasionally shows inconsistent behavior after dashing.
  • FIXED - Bloody vignette is missing after Oryx passes through a soft wall.


  • FIXED - Visual and functionality issues associated with Tachanka's Shumikha Launcher.
  • FIXED - When Tachanka shoots a Frag Grenade, frag bounce SFX can sometimes play unintentionally.


  • FIXED - Thatcher's EMP Grenade doesn't disable Clash's CCE Shield electricity.
  • FIXED - Thatcher does not receive any points when disabling a security camera.


  • FIXED - Users who join a match in progress are unable to tag attackers through Valkyrie's Blackeyes.


  • FIXED - Several visual and audio issues present with Zero's SC3000K.
  • FIXED - Issues present with Zero's gadget crosshairs during end of round replay when equipping the Argus Launcher.
  • FIXED - Issues with animation and damage for Zero's cameras.
  • FIXED - Zero's camera deployment can be heard OffSide.
  • FIXED - Zero's 5.7 USG has a barrel attachment menu present despite only having the silencer equipped by default.


  • FIXED - After finishing a Lone Wolf session, players receive the message "Please Wait, Synchronizing Data" infinitely.
  • FIXED - "Asset Protection," "Improvise Defense," and "No Intel" enter an infinite loading screen if they are started as soon as the game is installed on the console.
  • FIXED - Ultrawide ratio (32:9) is no longer supported since Y5S3 release.
  • FIXED - Maps votes are registering if players interact with player profiles through scoreboard when it is open as an overlay.
  • FIXED - The user's screen may turn blank after the Operator Selection Phase.
  • FIXED - The low health sound and proximity alarm can be heard repeating multiple times in particular circumstances.
  • FIXED - Season graphics are not currently optimized for 4K screens.
  • FIXED - The Skill distribution chart does not appear in the Skill tab of the Ranked info section.
  • FIXED - In support mode, the weapon reticle and crosshair remains on the drone HUD in the Preparation Phase.
  • FIXED - Various key binding/control issues on PC and consoles.
  • FIXED - Several issues present for players in both voice and text chat.
  • FIXED - Cosmetic and texture issues present with charms, uniforms, headgears, weapons, and attachments.
  • FIXED - Various caster/spectator HUD improvements and updates.
  • FIXED - Various Menu UI improvements and fixes, including language on bans.
  • FIXED - Various UI and store visual issues for items in game.
  • FIXED - When creating a Custom Game playlist, House is the only map currently available for selection. Several customization settings are also missing.
  • FIXED - Scoring message is the same for both destroying and disabling a Nitro Cell.
  • FIXED - Several UI issues present with Operator and item icons in game.
  • FIXED - Functionality and UI issues present within the Options menu.
  • FIXED - Currency Packs and Digital Content tabs cannot be accessed in the Store on PS4.
  • FIXED - Previously equipped customization assets remain equipped in the save file even if the asset isn't owned by the user.
  • FIXED - Loading icon will be present during the Map Ban Phase until the map is decided.
  • FIXED - Dead player pings are not replicated in Spectator mode.
  • FIXED - Partially destroyed barricade obstructs the victory screen for most of the duration.
  • FIXED - Kill Feed shows a placeholder skull for some operators if they perform kills with their gadget.

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