Sword of the Stars 2: The Lord of Winter - Neuer Patch veröffentlicht

Ein neuer Patch des Echtzeit-Strategiespiels Sword of the Stars 2: The Lord of Winter behebt Abstürze und bringt neue Inhalte ins Spiel.

Sword of the Stars 2: The Lord of Winter erschien am 28. Oktober 2011. Sword of the Stars 2: The Lord of Winter erschien am 28. Oktober 2011.

Über die Spiele-Plattform Steam hat der Entwickler Keberos Productions einen weiteren Patch für das Echtzeit-Strategiespiel Sword of the Stars 2: The Lord of Winterveröffentlicht. Dieser behebt unter anderem Abstürze und zahlreiche andere Probleme. Des Weiteren verbessert der Patch die Kontrolle von Schiffen, die sich in Formationen befinden und nun werden nur noch die aktuellsten Logfiles von Spielen gespeichert.

Der Patch fügt dem Spiel außerdem zwei neue Maps, Wave und Big Disc, eine Politiksektion für die Enzyklopädie und eine bessere Detail-Ansicht für den Server-Browser hinzu. Auch einige bisher fehlende Funktionen wie ein Insolvenz-System werden durch den Patch wieder aktiviert. Der bisherige »Defense Manager« wurde nach vielen Veränderungen und Verbesserungen umbenannt in den »Battle Manager«.

Die gesamten Patch-Notes:

  • Known Issues
  • Drones cannot be designed.
  • Fixes
  • Many additions to the Defense Manager, which has now been renamed to Battle Manager.
  • Fixed a crash with weapons doing half a population damage.
  • Fixed a crash with the locust updating its turn.
  • Fixed crash in Starmap that could occur when changing between maps in game setup quickly.
  • Fixed a crash during saving if using unique extended characters as part of your profile name.
  • Fixed a crash associated with the admiral trait True Grit.
  • Interaction with COL weapons temporarily disabled while fixing crash in Design Screen.
  • Added stance control for ships in formation in combat.
  • Re-implemented trade layer.
  • Bankruptcy system now in effect.
  • Biome-colonizers now active.
  • Increased sensor ranges.
  • Improved Leviathan class death sequences.
  • Fixed a bug where station upkeep was not being deducted from savings.
  • Fixed a bug where prototype costs were not being applied to savings.
  • Fixed some issues with misnamed event images.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping fleets could in some cases duplicate them.
  • The game will now only keep the most recent set of log files. Old copies will be automatically deleted.
  • Improvements and a handful of fixes made to the meteor shower random encounter.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed trade points to be reused in a trade round.
  • Made some optimizations to the gathering of planet/system data for the budget.
  • Made some optimizations to the gathering of data for players with combat assets.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons and modules could display with incorrect materials.
  • Swapped battlerider reserve and wing/squad slots to make use clearer.
  • Added tooltips to rider squad/wing/reserve buttons.
  • Added trade view overlay elements to star map drawing, first pass.
  • Combat entrance transition now active.
  • Added improved visual cues when dropping into and out of accelerated time in combat.
  • Fixed a variety of issues with battle rider behavior in combat.
  • Fixed incorrect asteroid monitor locations in combat.
  • Fixed broken images in the encyclopedia.
  • Tweaked stats of engine sections.
  • Removed items in the Starmap Lobby will no longer remain selected.
  • Fixed an issue where double the number of riders were being loaded into combat.
  • Fixed an issue where riders would detonate instead of returning to tender.
  • Fixed an issue where mounted riders could prevent ships from rotating.
  • Tweaks to many ship sections, stations, weapons and related art.
  • Additions
  • New politics section added to encyclopedia.
  • Added new star maps: Wave (3) and Big Disc (8)
  • Added player details to the server browser.
  • Added trade view filter to the star map.
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