Tyranny - Update 1.01 mit Quest-Fixes ist da, Patch-Notes

Obsidian Entertainment hat das Update 1.01.0010 für das Rollenspiel Tyranny veröffentlicht. Damit sollen einige der bisher kritisierten Fehler beseitigt werden. Wir haben natürlich auch die Patch-Notes.

Der Patch 1.01.0010 für Tyranny beseitigt einige Fehler- vor allem bei Quests. Der Patch 1.01.0010 für Tyranny beseitigt einige Fehler- vor allem bei Quests.

Seit dem Release des Rollenspiels Tyranny vor zirka zwei Wochen gab es einige Beschwerden über diverse Probleme. Um diese aus der Welt zu schaffen, haben die Entwickler jetzt das Update 1.01.0010 veröffentlicht.

Das Team von Obsidian Entertainment hat sich unter anderem einige der Quests zur Brust genommen und sowohl einige Fehler beseitigt als auch teilweise deren Design überarbeitet. Außerdem gehen Begleiter unter bestimmten Rahmenbedingungen ab sofort automatisch zum Angriff über. Auch diverse Bugfixes sind in dem Patch enthalten. Hier die Übersicht:

Patch-Notes für Tyranny v1.01.0010

Quest Fixes:

  • In Sentinel Stand Keep, navigating over the bridge near the exit is improved.
  • Killing Bleden Mark in Tunon's Court after agreeing to meet him in Ashweald is now supported.
  • "Person of Interest" conversation options have been revised.
  • Nerat will now attack the player after delivering the Writ of Execution for Scarlet Chorus players.
  • In "At Any Cost", Rebel players who recruited the Stonestalker tribe and betrayed their alliance to become an Anarchist can now progress properly.
  • Fighting Hundred-Blood solo on the Rebel path will now update "Forging The Way" properly.
  • The Rebel player will no longer get multiple options to recruit factions out of sequence.
  • In "A Breach Between Worlds", using the Ocean Spire directly after getting the Steadfast Insignia should now update correctly.
  • The Vendrien Guard fight in Tripnettle Wilderness has been improved.Iron Marshal pathing is improved.
  • "Final Judgment" will progress properly when selecting the Kills-In-Shadow dialogue option upon delivery of the Writ of Execution.
  • "The Armies in the North" will now begin properly after killing Bleden Mark in Tunon's Court. A fix for existing saves will be forthcoming.
  • In "Leave No One Behind", the quest will now continue properly for Rebel players that starts the quest after fighting Raetommon and siding with the Bronze Brotherhood.
  • The Blade Grave region is no longer available in the last act for a Scarlet Chorus player.

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Verse will now revive if the player dismisses her while she was unconscious.
  • Characters will now properly transition from being suspended in air when swapping their active weapon set.
  • Lantry will now grant healing magic to the player in the second act after agreeing earlier.
  • Invisibility potions will now wear off when leveling up while invisible.
  • Sirin's stanza durations should now remain at the proper timing. If her stanza duration has already been reduced, those saves will not be changed.
  • Companions will now auto-attack when companion AI is enabled and no weapons are equipped.

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