Elite: Dangerous - Gamma 2.06 & 2.07 veröffentlicht

Frontier Developments hat zwei letzte Pre-Release-Patches für die Gamma-Version von Elite: Dangerous veröffentlicht. Die Updates 2.06 und 2.07 beheben einige weitere Fehler und nehmen verschiedene Verbesserungen vor.

Elite: Dangerous startet am 16. Dezember 2014 in den Live-Betrieb. Kurz vorher gibt es noch einmal zwei letzte Gamma-Updates. Elite: Dangerous startet am 16. Dezember 2014 in den Live-Betrieb. Kurz vorher gibt es noch einmal zwei letzte Gamma-Updates.

Am heutigen Dienstag, den 16. Dezember 2014 ist der Release-Tag der Weltraum-Simulation Elite: Dangerous. Das überaus aktive Entwicklerteam hat die wenigen Tage vor der Veröffentlichung noch einmal genutzt, um zahlreiche Verbesserung an der bereits verfügbaren Early-Access-Version des Spiels vorzunehmen. Der Pre-Release-Patchmarathon fand nun in den Gamma-Versionen 2.06 und 2.07 seinen Höhepunkt.

Die beiden letzten Aktualisierungen vor der Veröffentlichung des finalen Spiels wurden am 15. Dezember 2014 veröffentlicht und brachten noch einmal diverse Fehlerbehebungen und Verbesserungen mit sich. So wurden unter anderem zahlreiche Absturzursachen ausgemerzt und Probleme mit verschiedenen Missionen behoben. Außerdem kam es zu einigen Server-Performance-Problemen, die mit dem Gamma-Patch 2.07 der Vergangenheit angehören sollten.

Nachfolgend die kompletten Original-Patchnotes zu den Gamma-Version 2.06 und 2.07:

Patch 2.06

  • Prevent missions related softlock when entering a location
  • Don’t crash in certain cases on game shutdown and frameshifting
  • Fix for trails crash
  • Fix crash in sensor system
  • Prevent crash in skybox generation
  • Prevent crash if unable to process a loaded overlay
  • Prevent getting stuck when alt-tabbing
  • Don’t crash if unable to access the mission manager
  • Don’t crash is user’s system can’t run the game - show an error instead
  • Fix soft lock when entering a procedural dead system that no-one has seen before
  • Fix soft lock when the Webservers system data queue is full
  • Fix a seen-once crash on failing to get a Chatter table for an AI
  • Fixed rare bug where game would get stuck shutting down
  • Don’t crash if a ship goes live without a fuel tank
  • Fix silent hitman randomiser number causing crashes
  • Fix jettisoning all cargo attempting to jettison mission critical cargo
  • Prevent the server Choking on mission advance when something generated a negative weight
  • Do not update the dynamic materials in the galaxy map every frame. Ensure at least one update, and then update again if the visualisation settings ever change
  • Reduce chance of usscargodropswithwrecks from spawning outside of missions
  • Fix assassin branching transitions and branch feedback
  • Disable pipeline renders in screenshots for final build
  • Fixed a bunch of rogue fuel scoops that shouldn’t be on AI loadouts
  • Fix mismatched star system meta-data
  • Skip SLI/Crossfire detection if the system contains a single display adapter provided by Intel
  • Added linear depth clipping to orbit lines
  • Changed the “waste” category to “other” and added the new commodity “slaves” to it
  • Fix for incorrect strings being used in some alternative massacre branch text templates
  • Format the price of the ‘repair all’ button correctly There are server-side changes planned too, but that changelog isn’t yet available.


  • only apply the Alpha and Beta Backers’ insurance discount to the value of the ship, not all of its modules
  • reduced the quantity of stock available to the AI Traders’, leaving more supply and demand available for players
  • rebalanced individual Commanders’ allocation of rare commodities
  • fixed a crash for Commanders travelling near the Argetlámh star system

Patch 2.07

  • Don't crash if a location ID isn't valid
  • Fix text chat
  • Fix assert when loading nebulae
  • Fix set target AI assert
  • Don't crash when in system map and dropped out of supercruise
  • Prevent rare crash if camera thinks it's in 3D mode but isn't
  • Avoid crashing if LightCones gets destroyed before it has finished creating
  • Make shields on Adder fit better
  • Bring warzones and civil warzones more in line with new bounty numbers, reward up to 3000c
  • Block incorrect Minor Factions giving Federal or Imperial missions
  • Fix massacre mission feedback/flow
  • Fix courier mission flow/feedback
  • Fix assassination missions so they don't pay out twice
  • Prevent players from accepting the same permit mission again after they've already got that permit
  • Extend timeout for mission initial object query
  • Auto-downgrades: only select resolutions that match the native aspect ratio of the current display
  • Make all Salvage Rebel Transmissions missions use the indie text
  • Prevent the old repairer module from having more ammo than it has capacity for by restoring its ammo capacity to 5000
  • Added missing decal slots to Python - Fix broken paint job strings
  • Fix to a region name to prevent confusion when looking up generated systems
  • Prevent queueing the same cargo more than once to be ejected
  • Handle the case for when adjusting binary stars closer we end up causing them to intersect

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