Mad Max - Vierter Patch u.a. mit Map-Verbesserungen

Der mittlerweile vierte Patch für Mad Max verbessert einmal mehr die Performance des Open-World-Actionspiels. Außerdem gibt es Anpassungen an der Map.

von Tobias Ritter,
28.10.2015 15:55 Uhr

Mad Max wurde zum vierten Mal aktualisiert. Unter anderem gibt es einige Map- und Performance-Verbesserungen. Mad Max wurde zum vierten Mal aktualisiert. Unter anderem gibt es einige Map- und Performance-Verbesserungen.

Für das Open-World-Actionspiel Mad Max ist der mittlerweile bereits vierte Patch erschienen. Wie aus den offiziellen Patchnotes hervorgeht, verbessert das Entwicklerstudio Avalanche damit unter anderem die Spiel-Map. Außerdem werden kleinere Fehler in der Spielwelt ausgemerzt.

Darüber hinaus kommt es zu Performance-Verbesserungen in einigen Regionen, weiteren Fehlerbehebungen und Anpassungen an der Kameraführung.

Einige der Patch-Inhalte befassen sich zudem ausschließlich mit der Win64-Version von Mad Max. So wurde dem Spiel dort etwa ein Steam-Controller-Support hinzugefügt.

Nachfolgend die kompletten Patchnotes:

General Updates for All Platforms:

  • Map improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed a problem with a draw bridge's winch in Great Watcher.
  • Fixed an instance where The Jaw's locks couldn't be destroyed.
  • Fixed several issues involving projects in Strongholds
  • Improved performance in several locations
  • Corrected a couple of annoying softlock issues
  • Corrected how Warcriers would suddenly stop doing their job if Max would leave the area and then come back without disposing of them.
  • Fixed a camera problem in some instances
  • Fixed an instance where Insignias wouldn't be accurately tracked after being destroyed.
  • Polish of collision meshes against the certain terrain and objects
  • Fixed a couple of persistent UI issues
  • Corrected the momentary inability to use Fast Travel after certain Wasteland Missions.
  • General bug fixes

Win64 Specific Updates:

  • Steam Controller support added to the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Resolution defaulted to a lower setting. Saves should now retain the player selected Resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where overall volume remained low after adjusting Volume settings.
  • Fixed a problem with the Refresh Rate setting being reset to 24hz with the previous patch. Those settings now correctly persist through updates.
  • Fixed a problem with remaining stuck in Jeet's Stronghold after completing the Dinki-Di's mission in some cases.
  • Fixed a UI conflict issue for Settings not being saved when selecting an option with the mouse and then using the keyboard to change and confirm the change.
  • Implemented a Virtual Keyboard for when accessing WBPlay credentials fields with a controller.
  • Implemented a smoother loading screen transition across the screens when using a multiple screens display setup.
  • Fixed missing images for certain keyboard functions in the Keymapping Options Menu.
  • Corrected instances where the Pause menu would display incorrect control labels when switching between Keyboard+Mouse controls and a Controller.
  • Fixed a navigation restriction problem after using Escape to exit certain menu panels.
  • Fixed the problem with accessing a Challenge Category once that category was completed.
  • Polished controls in the Map screen to avoid having the "Action" control result in placing a Marker in the map.

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