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Troy: A Total War Saga - Patch 1.6.0


  • Fixed multiple crashes and improved overall game stability

Main menu

  • A "What's New" button has been added to the main sidebar that allows you to check the latest updates to the game at any time
  • The positions of Agamemnon and Odysseus on the Select A Hero screen have been switched
  • When starting a new campaign players will now be greeted with a screen asking them which campaign they want to play before they can choose their hero and faction
  • Longer DLC names in the DLC menu now fit in their buttons
  • The Load button in Main Menu will now correctly be inactive when there are no available save files



  • Changed Hector's difficulty to Easy, Sarpedon's difficulty to Normal
  • Hippolyta's victory condition to capture Sacred settlements now includes said settlements held by allies as well
  • Fixed an issue where Orion's Foe Tracking action grants permanent visibility over the target faction or until save/reload is performed after the effect has ended
  • Homeric heroes from Salamis' recruitment pool no longer disappear from the pool during playthrough (the fix is available only for new campaigns)
  • Fixed a bug where after loading the model of some of the settlements (Etis, Melos, Ios), they were appearing as ruins
  • AI factions will prioritize attacking enemy hordes a bit less, especially if those hordes are far away
  • Upkeep cost is now properly calculated and displayed in the recruitment panel for horde factions
  • Added tooltips for points of interest on the campaign map


  • Improved the starting relations between Argos and the Arcadians and gave them an established military access treaty
  • Hector and Paris can no longer enter another faction's war with Troy
  • Military access can no longer be offered as part of the proposal to vassal another faction
  • Fixed an issue where a number of factions have been referring to Hippolyta as Troy
  • Fixed an issue in Make It Work that sometimes resulted in unnecessarily large payments being offered
  • Fixed some cases when the player was incorrectly warned about a possible reliability drop during negotiations

Faction mechanics

  • Changed Sarpedon's Speak With The Dead effect from Aeneas' Faction Mechanic from bonus to deals to bonus to bronze production
  • Fixed a bug with Penthesilea's bonus from Hephaestus to reduce costs of Initiation Rites
  • Renowned missions against Trojan factions are now properly aborted if the player selects to switch to the Trojan side with Ajax
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Speaking to Agamemnon via Aeneas' Stygian Voices mechanic would display wrong information
  • Battles that award Priam's Benevolence will now properly work when either Hector or Paris is a reinforcing faction to his brother

Dilemmas and missions

  • Aegisthus is properly killed when choosing any option in Agamemnon's Betrayal's Just Reward dilemma
  • Patroclus is properly killed when the Lend Your Armor choice is made in the Patroclus' Plea dilemma
  • Gods & Their Gifts dilemma's effect bundles now work properly for Penthesilea's Amazons
  • Stealing of the Palladium mission is now aborted if the player takes control of Troy
  • Fixed an issue where The Price of Love dilemma would not force you to pay gold for Helen's Ransom
  • Fixed an issue where Aegisthus could be added to the recruitment pool twice after completing the second epic mission of Agamemnon


  • Fixed an issue in Argos' Finest mechanic that prevented the Paragon Training In Progress event from triggering more than once


  • Improved the Bowyer building with an effect that increases ammunition on recruitment of missile units
  • The growth effect on Hippolyta's Healer's Tent buildings now has the intended scaling
  • Fixed an issue that has been preventing Hippolyta from recruiting basic units from the main building of Mycenae
  • The Baths unique building at Pylos now properly provides its unrestricted replenishment bonus to all owned armies, regardless of their location
  • Fixed a bug where Practice range building chain was not properly displaying as duplicate in a province after capturing a settlement with the same building already constructed in it
  • Fixed a bug where Levels 2 and 3 of the Artemis temple chain were providing higher value of favour for Penthesilea than other god temples
  • Buildings with effects for bonus ammunition will now provide more accurate bonuses

Royal decrees

  • Fixed an issue where upkeep or cost effects in Royal Decrees had wrong effect icons

Divine Will effects

  • Fixed an issue with Zeus' Might of the Thunderbolt effects which would improve armour-piercing damage of club units, in addition to the usual effects
  • Might of the Thunderbolt now correctly increases missile damage of Centaur scouts
  • Protector of Cities and Mentor of Heroes now correctly provide effects to all stated units

Skills, ancillaries, abilities and traits

  • Hippolyta and Penthesilea now have the Epic Hero trait
  • Now the upkeep effect of the Athena's Glory trait should properly reduce upkeep of the army
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in Paris not receiving his Helen-related traits
  • The Covered by Hades (Javelins) hero skill specialization has been renamed as Covered by Hades (Light Infantry) to properly communicate that it grants a buff specifically for light units
  • Descendant of Zeus trait is no longer awarded to heroes who are not newly recruited into their faction (such as confederated ones)
  • Fixed an issue where the chariot skills of the Warlord Commander skill tree were named incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where some of Ajax's paragons would spawn with incorrectly configured skill trees once challenged
  • Fixed an issue where several skills of Diomedes would persist after resetting the points invested in them
  • Fixed an issue where the skill Generous Host (Happiness & Growth) of Odysseus would persist after resetting the point invested in it
  • Fixed an issue where the skill Disciplinarian (Campaign Movement & Attrition) of Odysseus would persist after resetting the point invested in it
  • Fixed an issue where the skill Stance: Shadow of Odysseus would persist after resetting the point invested in it
  • Light/Heavy Bronze-tipped and Heavy Iron-tipped Javelin ancillaries now correctly affect Harpies and Harpy Fiends units in the Truth Behind The Myth campaign
  • Fixed an issue where some of Diomedes Guidance skills would incorrectly affect unit stats


  • Priestess' Oration of Dread now causes a larger morale debuff when the action results in Critical Success compared to the normal Success
  • Fixed an issue where the Envoy agent would have character skills that were invalid for the horde faction mechanics
  • Seer can no longer embed a horde army to perform its "Ritual of True Sight" if the horde doesn't have a constructed temple
  • Fixed an issue where the Priestess skill for Penthesilea's faction In Service of Hephaestus would not work
  • The Establish Safe Haven action now correctly goes on cooldown for all spies of Odysseus after it is used
  • Fixed an issue where the Spy's agent progression skills would give invalid bonuses to horde factions

Unit statistics

  • Increased the maximum possible range of Javelin infantry units to 300
  • Switched morale between Renowned Slingers and Renowned Armored Slingers
  • Rebalanced resource costs for Renowned Slingers and Renowned Armored Slinger
  • Resource cost and upkeep have been rebalanced for the following units: Dardanian Spearmen, Heavy Anatolian Swordsmen, Warmaidens, Heavy Sword Skirmishers, Heavy Shielded Spearmen, Companions of Sarpedon and Renowned Khopesh Warriors
  • Ajax's companions are now properly considered as spear infantry for effects during campaigns


  • Updated the Faction Widget to a single row design to take less overall screen space and integrate the new Administration bar
  • Close buttons for all UI panels have been moved to the top right corner and their icon has been changed to a X to better communicate the close action
  • New animations for opening and closing have been added to all UI panels
  • The footers of all UI panels have been updated to take less height since they no longer contain a close button
  • The Character Stats section in the Character Details panel now has dynamic height based on the amount of stats in it (additionally, size of bonus icons has been increased for better readability)
  • In Character Details, the Replace Hero, View Records and Rename buttons have been repositioned below the character portrait
  • Added sound for hovering over generals' portraits in Ajax's Path to Greatness panel
  • Added sound for hovering over Paragon's army strength
  • Fixed an issue where the pin tooltips in front end's campaign faction selection panel were not hiding when the panel was closed using ESC key
  • Fixed a bug where sound for all icons/selections in skill trees for Heroes were missing
  • Now the High Waves event properly states that it reduces the construction cost of buildings in the province, rather than the army
  • Fixed a bug in pre-battle screen where god UI would not change visually upon mouse hover
  • Fixed a number of issues with wrong icons for Hero skills
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong icon was used for campaign line of sight bonus effects
  • Fixed an issue where negative upkeep icons would display for positive income effects and vice versa
  • Relinquish Chryseis option from Pestilence's Silver Arrow dilemma of Agamemnon has proper icons for the outcomes which reflect their effects
  • Fixed an issue where the Song of Discord agent action had a wrong effect color
  • Argive Swordsmen are now correctly labelled as light units
  • The Treasury panel no longer opens automatically if the player has unfulfillable barter agreements at the end of a turn
  • Fixed an issue where Hector's The Mightiest Warrior dilemma did not show Hector in the event picture
  • Fixed an issue where the commandments menu would show/hide indefinitely while the mouse is in a certain position
  • Fixed an issue where the stance menu would show/hide indefinitely while the mouse is in a certain position
  • Fixed an issue when having too many effect bundles they would spill out of the effect bundles bar (now they overlap instead)
  • Fixed an issue where faction widget buttons would remain interactive while ESC menu is displayed
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over an equipped ancillary item in Character Details would reduce the size of its slot
  • The cuts-scene for the Earthquake at Troy now correctly plays after the user has set the Continue button to off
  • Fixed an issue where at certain resolutions and UI scales the Priestess' Omen panel in the pre-battle screen would be overlapped by the Divine Will support and Auto-Resolve prediction panels
  • Fixed an issue where some of Ajax's paragons would have different character portraits before and after they are challenged via the Path to Greatness panel

Help pages/Tutorials

  • Fixed a possible soft lock when the Help Overlays are opened and the AI initiates diplomacy, resulting in the Esc key not closing either of the overlays, or the diplomacy panel
  • Fixed an issue where help pages associated with Penthesilea's units would not open properly
  • Safe Havens buildings now correctly open the Safe Haven help page
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial campaign which allowed players to recruit units when the latter were grayed out
  • The Divine Will and Faction mechanics are no longer accessible during the tutorial campaign via keyboard shortcuts until they're unlocked


  • Fixed an issue in the pre-battle screen where the text for reinforcements and night battle would spill out and overlap in Russian
  • Fixed a bug with some of the event messages from Diomedes Master Strategist and Sarpedon's Lycian Trade Mission faction mechanics in which if the user changes a game's language after receiving the event, it will be shown in the language in which it was triggered and not in the newly selected language

Custom battles

  • Default unit size in custom battles is now set to Ultra
  • Maps and Settings have been split into two separate tabs. A Realism level option has been added to Maps. The map preview thumbnail is now larger and the maps scroll-list has been updated to show more maps at once
  • Fixed an issue where auto-generating an army with Salamis did not include paragon units


  • The Quick Battle Timer has been moved to the bottom right position so that it does not overlap the mount options
  • Fixed a possible freeze, desync, and crash when turning factions into vassals during Quick Deal negotiations
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync after canceling a champion unit of Diomedes and waiting the required amount of turns for its training

Assembly Kit

  • Replaced the terrain tiles binary format with XML files
  • For Modders: script_unit:add_ping_icon() method now correctly triggers a ping icon

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